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  1. I'm getting the second vise. Don't need it. But going to get it anyway.
  2. I am currently using a Dynaking Barracuda Jr. Trekker. I tie trout flies primarily in sizes 14 to 24. I recently started to tie some classic salmon flies, classic wets and classic streamers. Santa was very good to me this year and I am thinking about getting the new Renzetti Presentation 2000 to use for trout flies and have the Jr. Trekker for the big classics. The cheaper route would be to buy a set of midge jaws for the Trekker and use the rest of the xmas money for more materials. It would be nice to have the Trekker dedicated to classic salmon flies and be able to leave a fly "in progress" in the vise and use a new vise for my other tying. Any suggestions for helping me decide to get another vise??
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