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  1. I read an article about midge fishing and he stated "You can fish the fly with a dead drift or let it swing. I usually grease it up a bit and drift it over a fish, then let it swing at the end of the drift. What in the heck is greasing a midge. Thanks, Keith
  2. Hey guys, I have been finishing off my flies with what I thought was a whip finish, only to find out that they are half hitches (several of them). Is the half hitch sufficient or is the whip finish the way to go?
  3. Hey guys (and gals), I am new to fly fishing / tying and loving it! This sport is very addicting. In my beginning stages of fly tying, I am trying to purchase the materials necessary in order to tie the largest variation of flies possible, but without a substatial up front cost. Can anybody help with a list of "core" materials and ideas of what would be comparable substitutes at a fraction of the cost. I have made the mistake of buying some materials without doing sufficient research for what I really need, and have perhaps wasted money. I will find a way to use what I have purchased, but the flies do not turn out looking exactly how I would like. My wife supports my new hobby, but is also counting the pennies. Thanks for the help. Keith
  4. Thanks for the help guys. I started using A LOT less dubbing and it seems to working well. Thanks again for the advice. Keith
  5. Hey guys (and gals), I ran across a post last night on alternative materials and cost saving ideas that someone had and a link to a PDF file. I have looked for that post again and cannot find it. Can anyone help me? Keith :dunno:
  6. Howdy People. In the summer of this year (07) a buddy and I were spin fishing in the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, when we decided to travel down stream for about another 30 minutes before having to hike back out of the canyon. I caught a reflection out of the river side weeds that turned out to be eyelets. I ended up finding a four piece 9' Scott rod with a Ross Rythem 2 reel. My buddy who razzled me for an hour because he outfished me, was now very pissed that he was not in the lead and therefore did not find the rod / reel combo. (fair play I quess) Anyways, I ended up in my driveway casting a split shot in order to get some idea of what I needed to do to learn how to fly fish, and have not looked back. I fly fish any opportunity that I can get, and after outfishing my dad on flies while he used worms, he has now started to take up fly fishing. I have started fly tying (as of Christmas (07) and cannot get enough. LOOKING FORWARD TO THE SPRING !!! :yahoo:
  7. Hi guys and gals. I am new to fly fishing and as of Christmas am now into fly tying. I am loving all aspects of this sport and especially tying my own flies. I am having trouble with my dubbing techniques. I have two different books that talk about spinning the dubbing onto the lthread by hand, but it just will not stay on for me. Therefore, I cannot get the correct look / symetrical body that I would prefer. If you can help, I sure would appreciate it. This is my first time to this website and if there is a section that explains the correct process, I would love to know about it. Thanks, Keith M. :wallbash:
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