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  1. Hello, I have both the Spartan and the Standard HMH and A D-K Professional. Of all three, my favorite is the HMH Standard. With the standard jaws that come with it you can tie just about any size hook except maybe the real large saltwater flies, then you would need the magnum jaws. The Spartan shares a lot of the same parts as the standard, the only difference is a slightly shorter barrel and smaller adjustment knobs. I just think the longer barrel is just more comfortable if you tie a lot of flies. HMH vices are hard to beat and they last forever.
  2. I have been tying for ten years, and after having tied on several brands and types I have found the HMH Spartan, HMH Standard and the Dyna-king Professional to be the ideal vices for my tying style. I especially like the easy hook access with my HMH's, simplicity, exellent hook holding power, and made to last a lifetime of constant use. I use the Dyna-king for Big Bass flies and large hooks and also made to last forever.
  3. Hello, I have both the HMH Spartan and the HMH Standard Bench vice. They are both great vices. For the price difference if I had it to do over again I would buy the Spartan, it has the same jaws, same body, same hook holding qualities, very good buy. This is all the vice you would need if you were even tying commercially. These vices will outlast any out there. Thanks. Dave
  4. These are some of the flies I use for panfish.
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