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  1. Great story and awesome photography! I truly enjoyed the photos. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Ha! didn't know that "Bait fisherman" logo was an initiation hazing ritual that everyone gets. I don't classify asking a simple question and stating my opinion in the whining category. This "Old skin" is a helluva lot tougher than one can imagine. I simply believe in openness and fair play. Thanks for enlightening me about the avatar. I mistakenly thought I was being cheap-shotted. No harm, no foul.
  3. Hi all. Before I ask my question, I just gotta say that I love fishing and tying flies. I love fishing in all forms. When fly fishing, I always practice catch and release. When fishing with artificial bait I occasional keep a hatchery salmon or two for consumption and always release trout and steelhead both native and hatchery stock. I'm 68 yrs. old and this has been my practice throughout my fishing life. My question is, why did the moderators remove and replace my avatar (A photo of me holding two spring Chinook salmon caught in the tidewater of the Chetco River in Oregon) with a snide logo stating simply "Bait Fisherman"! Too my way of thinking this was a very immature and elitist act. I have spent my life as a steward and careful sportsman of our precious natural resources. I'm fully aware that this is a fly fishing forum, which by the way I enjoy tremendously. I'm sorry the moderators lacked the maturity to confront me personally if they had a problem with my photo. This could have been resolved in a much friendlier and more mature manner. :dunno:
  4. I just started tying a few months ago myself. What I've discovered is that there is a plethora of information available on this noble art. The internet is loaded with forums, books, videos, fly fishing and tying websites and a lot of different sources on tools and materials. My favorite source so far is Peter Gathercole's "Beginning Fly tying" from Barron's books. It is a quarto spiral bound book that fits nicely on the bench and is wonderfully presented with step by step color photos with explanations. Peter gives a series of core techniques followed by instructions on how to tie 50 different flies. My 2nd favorite book is Gary Soucie's "Wooly Wisdom". It is an awesome illustrated tome that covers every imaginable woolly worm and woolly bugger in exquisite color and tying recipe detail. A very instructional and entertaining read. For great beginner's videos, check out the free Al Beatty instructional videos on this forum. Also check out this wonderful free public tv series http://www.kwsu.org/Offers/OMNFlyTying.aspx featuring LeRoy Hyatt a great Idaho tier, demonstrating how to tie a lot of different patterns. These are detailed and exquisite videos. With the resources available that I've come across, there's enough info to keep me busy learning learning how to tie flies through the next 10 cold winters. Good luck.
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