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  1. Will, Please put me down for two. One Olive 2XL and One Black Medium Thanks
  2. Will, Hat arrived yesterday. Thanks so much. :headbang: The hat looks great. When are you going to offer t-shirts and/or coffee mugs
  3. Great Looking Hats Will. Please put me down for 1 lg/xl Olive Thanks
  4. Thanks Flytire. That looks like just what i need.
  5. I have been looking around without success for grizzly dyed gold hen hackle for nymph legs. Anyone have any suggestions where to buy? Thanks
  6. I have thought about that actually. I believe the width is supposed to be 3/32. Can one get smaller strips? If so, from where?
  7. Bruce, I am using Whiting Silver grade hackle. I am tying in by the tip dull side up. I go about a half inch from the tip and preen the hackle to 90 degrees, and tie in the tip at the gap. After a couple of wraps, I slip the tip back to give me some room for the first wrap. Once the hackle is tied in, I wrap the chenille, then the hackle. It was working a bit better for me tonight, but still has a tendency to twist. I was preening back between wraps to keep the hackle from catching on itself if you know what I mean, that seemed to help. I do have broadband and would not mind meeting in a virtual classroom. I do not have a web cam if that matters. Still working on the Barr Slump Buster. THe magic tool was a bit better but the end result was not what I wanted to see. I will need to practice more. Victor
  8. I am sure this question has been asked before, but how do you keep the hackle from twisting when wrapping? I am working on some Rose River Specials (Wooly Bugger) and when wrapping the hackle over the chenille, it wants to twist and it is difficult to keep it from twisting. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Victor
  9. Thanks Bruce. I will practice a few then see if I can figure out how to post. Victor
  10. Flytire, That is the recipie i am using. I get too much bulk when I wrap the hide around the hook behind the cone.
  11. Id highly recommend using the loop. I prefer to use petitjean magic tool it makes life easier. I do not think I am using cross cut for the collar. Am using the same material as the body. I have trouble getting the hide to lay correctly, too much bulk builds up making it difficult to finish the fly. I have a magic tool, will have to give that a try.
  12. Thanks for the response. When I said making the head, I meant wrapping the squirrel strip to form the area directly behind the cone. The hide seems to create too much bulk and does not tie off well. I was not tying in with the hide side facing the ceiling. The recipie that I have shows to tie in with the free end extending over the cone and the hair angled to the rear. When I tie in that way, the hide does not seem to wrap well. This is my first attempt at using squirrel strips in this way.
  13. I am tying to learn how to tie Barr's Slump Buster and am having alot of trouble with the head. Either the diameter of my cone is too small or I am doing somehting else wrong when wrapping the head. It seems like I am getting too much bulk when making the 2-3 final wraps. The leather does not sit right and tying off does not produce the desired final appearance. Any tips for wrapping and tying off squirrel strips would be appreciated. Thanks, Victor
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