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  1. Thanks all. The emerger has a thin coat of UV sure resin over it. The Dun pattern has nothing - that is just the natural sheen. ~D
  2. Thanks. The hook is the Partridge Classic Spider.
  3. A favourite bug from this season:
  4. Classic looking flies Ray. They are superb. Interesting use of up and down eyes. Do you have a theory as to which you use when?
  5. feet are not in a dubbing loop.... inserted in thread...I do not know whether I am good translation Bogi, your translantion is fine. Nice looking pattern too
  6. Thanks for the comments. Yes - raffia / swiss-straw for the the bottom flies. Karsten - you too buddy. The shell back for the middle flies is just an olive shell bak stretch. Nothing exotic.
  7. Even with two layers of flat lead, scud and shrimp patterns can be kept nice and slim: Happy new year to you, ~Dave
  8. Mine landed on the doorstep. What a great set of flies - many thanks. My one disppointment was that package had been opened and I was missing a couple of of the flies :ripped: That is really frustrating... not the first time and certainly not the last...perhaps there's a postie over here with good taste...
  9. This is one for the grayling: Get amongst them!
  10. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by dwiltshire: Pinkie
  11. All tied on a Partridge YK4G.
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