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  1. well... my favorite would be a dolly varden although i've never fished for them but its like a bigger and more colorful brook trout and they are by far the most beautiful trout to me (although i've only seen them in books) but for ones i've fished for is browns
  2. no contest, it would be a size 14 pheasant tail nymph
  3. good looking and would be derable for fishing with all that epoxy
  4. don't say that! everyones bad at first when it comes to spinning ( it probably took me 10 tries to get it right). Anyway, back to the poll I prefer to use hair for spinning but some things need foam
  5. pheasant all the way because quills can block a fish from getting hooked
  6. steve not that I didn't pay attetion to the fish photos that "loon" is atually a red-breasted merganser and some ok fish fine better than normal fine good-sized fine mosters
  7. clousers! white and chartruse, the bucktailcovers the hook and dosen't snag
  8. I'm sure he will get a kick out of that (please note i don't think thats funny so you can't kill me Steeldrifter)
  9. oh, oh, oh, pick me, pick me, pick me how about a squid?
  10. I sure will!! from the top it honestly looks just like a sculpin great job
  11. never seen it before , was it an adult or juvinal and was it all right?
  12. sorry for not making my self clear I meant to catch perch(they are good eating)
  13. Does anybody know any yellow perch flies ? :help:
  14. nice simple and yet caught a huge bass
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