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  1. or for a real chalange try do a cobra with a flared hood
  2. It is very simple. The heavier the line the less distance you can cast with it but you can cast heavier things, closer in with more accuracy but the lighter the line the more you can cast and be accurate with it but you will find fishing closer in more difficult. You could theroretically cast a 10 wt line on a 2 wt rod you just couldn't use more than 10 feet, if that. I use a 7 wt fast sinker on a light 6 wt rod and it is fine with it. A fast sinker is about 1 wt heavier in preformance than a similar weight floating. You won't be shot for using a sightly out of balance set up. You can often do it to suit the scenario you are fishing. The same goes for rod length. Hope that helps, Jason.
  3. To steal (sorry copy) those photos just get up the page and have microsoft word in the same window ie. side by side. Then just highlight the chosen item and while holding down the left click button drag it on to the word file and then you can play with it all you want. All criticism welcome, Jason.
  4. Nice Fly, Looks good it would certinaly catch fish. Did you use a black bin liner for the wing case? If you go on to the begginers corner you you find very helpful people and people starting off just like you. Happy Tying, Jason.
  5. Lovely, what are the hackles? Jason.
  6. I went fishing for salmon for the second time in my life and I got a bite (3 taps) I waited for 4 seconds then lifted slowly but nothing was attached to the line . All comments and help welcome, Jason.
  7. A few flies, 1 inch unweighted silver stoats, black n' green and ice maiden tube flies. And 2 inch heavily weighted ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,,. All comments welcome, Jason.
  8. Yes Sherri I do fox hunt. This year has been good for the foxes because they were extra cunning and he honds were extera lazy this yearbut I has been all good. Just like a days fishing there is never a bad days hunting just some are better than others. The hunting season finishes on the 15 of march and the fishing season starts on the 10th :yahoo: Happy tying, Jason.
  9. Oh yeh don't bother with the body hair. It is to long and hard for dubbing and two short for every thing else. Jason.
  10. See the lovely whiskers on the fly. Well that is dyed horse tail. It is much more useful than wild boar as it can be white and dyed easily for making the pot bellied pig salmon flies. Jason. P.S. Hows it over there in America because Ireland has had a beautiful fox hunting season which closes up in 2 weeks and then starts the salmon and trout fishing (lucky me!!!! :headbang: :yahoo: )
  11. I do A bit of rock climbing but the fox hunting season is the opposite of the fishing season so I am always doing something. The fox hunting is over on the 15th of March and the fishing starts on the 10th. Lucky Me!!!!! Jason.
  12. The salmon season on the River.Slaney is about to open (10/3/08). I get to start my first salmon season in 1 week. Jason.
  13. I have been tying for 2 years this easter and I am all ready churning out stuff like this. Happy tying, Jason.
  14. Here is one of my first bombetr flies. I had no calf tail so I used foam and two hackles. Comments welcome, Jason.
  15. Very good. You will be better than any of us in no time if you keep it up. I have sent a picture of a legless pheasant tail nymph with a glo-brite green body. The proportions are perfect. There your reference. Happy tying, Jason.
  16. It stands for Gel Spun Polyurethane. Jason.
  17. Davie do the flys work that big? 3/0 seems a bit big.
  18. I see your marabou tail and ask the question did you cut it with a scissors? If you did don't it gives the fly a sharp and unnatural look instead pinch and hold the tail where you want the tail to end and pull the excess of. If you do it right you get a lovely tail. It means thet the feather fiber stem is broken so the feather web is not cut and stays full length. Happy tying, Jason.
  19. If you learn how to spin hair you can tie surface flies which are used in conjunction with dog biscuits, as in you throw out a few dog biscuits to get the carp looking up and ten use the fly. The fly is made from natural brown deer hair spun and clipped to the shape and size of a dog biscuit. You can tie a small part of the frount with white deer hair to add contrast so you can distinguish you fly from the dog biscuits. Happy tying, Jason. P.s. You can get away with heavy wire hooks when using deer hair in such quantities also look up the hedgehog carp fly on the internet to get tying instructions.
  20. I have tied many flies with lead wire(and have probably shortend my life somewhat because of it) and I have never cut my thread off it. There is a few ways to prevent the thread from cutting: 1. Use 100% pure lead wire, Verniard make very high quality wire. 2. Mash the wire with your thumb nail to get a clean slope for your thread when you are finished with the wire or 3. Twist the wire in a circular motion to get a very clean break. I would suggest you don't use lead wire in the beggining and just use the thread to build up bodies until you are happy with everything. Any questions welcome, Jason.
  21. As for tubes you can get so many tube from a box of cotton buds. All tou have to do is cut off the cotton ends and use a lighter to curl one end and leave the rest to be trimed to size. The tubes should be 2 inches long and the clear blue ones are the best common tube and clear is rare but best. To make them heavy wrap flat lead sheet onto the tubes. Happy tying, Jason.
  22. Save money: I will add my 2 cents to this. In the two years that I have been tying and fishing (I have never or rarely used a fly I haven't tied) I have to have tied close to a 1000 flies, spent about 1500 euros and made about 50 euros selling them. I mostly give them away to friends but a few get sold. I rarely have more than 400 flies in my posetion at once. Fish catching: I believe that I certinaly would have caught less fish than if I didn't use my own patterns because you can tie flys to suit where you fish unlike comercial patterns than are designed ti be a general fly. People that have used my flys tell me how much better they are than what they would have got from the shop. Fun: It can be an albsolutly brilliant past time but don't do what I did and let it take over because it will get in the way of everthing school work , money ect. Starting out: I would recomend that you do not try to create your own flies that much untill you get the basics down well and can tie a few established patterns well. I have encloced a link to You Tube about one of my fly tying videos about . It is a fly that I use with a few of its variants which some include a gold bead. They are leathal on rivers. Rember have fun and a little bit of obsession can be a good thing. Happy Tying, Jason. P.s. I have enclosed two pictures of two my feather wing salmon flies.
  23. Can you spin (flare) deer hair?
  24. Get the Canon but rember it is the lens that makes the camera. A Canon 1DS Mk.3 with a kit lens(18-55mm) is worse than a Canon 400D with a half decent half decent lens (one of the L lens). All my photos are taken with a 6 year old 3 mega pixel Hp compact camera. Regards, Jason.
  25. Most of the Temple Dog hair nowadays is very high quality Artic Fox thats why it costs so much.
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