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  1. Just wondering if you got it set up yet.Post some pics please.
  2. Thanks for the info I have a design in mind.I am just not sure how large a table top to use.
  3. I like the bench and have a ?. I am building one too what size is the base on yours. .
  4. I would like some tips on catching and photographing bugs for tying references.Thanks
  5. I would use both the trunk and the parts storage unit.
  6. Well the good news is my wife said i could get a vest but I will camo it lol.
  7. I ordered my first tying stuff from them got great service and figured id help those that help us.Another plus is they are close by and have alot of stuff that i dont have local.
  8. Thanks guys very much for the info.
  9. I just bought some utc thread for tying and am wondering what size it is.I have 70 and 140 what are they in size such as 6/0 or what.Also there are plastic like things on the the end of the spool do i need to remove them or are they there as a spacer for putting it on the bobbin.
  10. I need a vest and I am looking for a camo one does anyone know of one or should i use my turkey hunting vest.
  11. viper75

    Too soon?

    Is that a build a bear outfit lol.cute kid hope he is fishing soon.
  12. My kids are too young but i like your idea.Good luck putting it together and looking forward too seeing the fly tyers of the future's creations.
  13. I have used nymph patterns and san juan worms with success in the past.
  14. Welcome too the forum.I have only been here a short time and have found it to be great.
  15. Congrats and when are you taking him fishing lol never too early.
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