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  1. Just cut a section of small paper clip and tie it to the shaft of Mustad R50.
  2. Great fly, great pictures!
  3. I was thinking it looked like a normal Lincon head cent. Someone probably made a wish and shucked it in the water.
  4. The new "trick" is CDC. I know a few guides that are tying nymphs with CDC thorax and letting the ends hang long. Everyone of them swears it makes a big difference in the number of fish caught. I have a few sets tied both ways to test this year. All use CDC, but some have legs and others are trimmed off. We'll see.
  5. I've been testing the new Mustad R50 hooks in all sizes. My opinion so far is that they are well worth the little bit extra you have to spend on them. The dang things are super sharp right out of the box. I haven't lost a single fish on one yet and I sure can't say that about other hooks I've tested. As to whether or not your hooks are too brittle...if they were not broken, bent, or otherwise damaged you need to look elsewhere for your problems. If they're to hard they'll break, too soft they'll bend. Lost fish can be caused by the hook not being sharp enough, the barb too large, or the gape too small. It can also be cause by the fish never being "hooked" in the first place.
  6. I honestly wish there was such a certification one could obtain. I'd like to try passing it some day. Granted it might be 20 years from now but I still think it would be cool. I've done this in other areas only to never use them as a profession. It's just one of those achievement things. You set a goal and see how far you can get. Some day you look back and see how far you've came towards your goal and smile. The cert just means others agree that you've improved to a level worth being proud of, not that you want everyone else to know about it. Many times you see people that think they are good at something when they truly stink at it. To me a Master should be able to tie all types of flies, dry, wet, bass, salmon, etc. I could see awarding one a title in an area of expertises though, such as, Catskills Master. Some people simply have no interest in other flies. A grand Master, or Fly Master title would mean the person has achieved that level in all areas. For now I think your name has to be Charlie Craven, Hans Weilenmann, Eric Austin (or something real close it ) if you're going to ware the tee-shirt. Anyone care to add other names?
  7. This guy ties some very good flies and some are used in movies. He has step by steps on some of them. http://www.grahamowengallery.com/fishing/more-fly-tying.html
  8. I'd like to see a SBS. I'm tying up large and small mouth flies now to try out this spring.
  9. Believe it or not it's the deer hair. That hair wouldn't even compress or flair. I just bent it up and pushed it back. Here are two more done the same night, all three trimed with a new double edge blade. and another with the crappy hair. You can't even cut it with scissors.
  10. I went and looked at all the patterns on the warm water site listed above and every pattern how two shows loose stacked deer hair on the hook. That is a pretty cool site with some neat patterns on it. I'm going to tie up a few tonight.
  11. Check these out of you want to see someone that has deer hair mastered. http://www.gajaflies.it/deer_eng.html
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