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  1. Go to Wal-mart or Kmart and pick up a bottle of Sally Hanson's hard as nails. It is with the finger nail polish. Coat your bodies with it and let it dry and you will be floating high and dry.
  2. Found this last night. This one hurts my brain & eyes :bugeyes:
  3. I'm pretty sure that is raccoon finn zonker. Would also like to know how that ostrich plume is tied in. Very nice tie!
  4. the bass will not be able to resist that.
  5. Dude that is awesome tie :bugeyes: ... very nice.
  6. very nice for your first try. I am a big fan of the Stippled Poppers. I especially like the Rio Grand version.
  7. Once again you have topped yourself. Love those stipple paint jobs.
  8. They are very easy to tie and fast to tie. I have caught Brown Trout in the morning and Smallies in the afternoon on one of the tribs that feed the James River.
  9. Here are the crawfish that I use and tie.
  10. Stippled, those are some first class poppers. I especially like the RioPopper. The smallmouth here in VA would go nuts for those. Thanks for sharing and if you have few extra of those larger RioPopper I would love to have one.
  11. That is one nice looking tie. Dragon flies are a staple in my fly box.
  12. First of all great looking lure/fly I'm sure you could cast it just fine with 8wt rod. I would change those trebs to a single hook. Also guys don't forget about Sparkleminnow's Coffee Grinder. I have couple of those and it basically the same thing just made out of foam.
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