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  1. :yahoo: pretty cool can't wait untill x-mas
  2. looks great you got to love the craws
  3. :yahoo: the biggest to date was 11 inches dident weigh it but it had to be more than a pound
  4. :yahoo: love them craw;s i will be tying up some myself thank you
  5. very nice i allso think some dark color's wpuld top off the box just fine
  6. look;s bassy to me not bad at all
  7. Great job thay look like thay will work realy well
  8. cool mouse did you spin the hair or pack it?
  9. that should be enough for the weekend
  10. stiknstring


    8ft 5 wt for small river's 8,6 8wt for the bigger river's enjoy and good fishing
  11. :yahoo: flashie and fishie look's like a good time to me
  12. look's nice I think the trout are going to love it good tying job
  13. great looking fly were do i get the bird fir???
  14. looks great what size hook are you useing? :yahoo:
  15. if you got to many you can send some my way
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