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  1. I ordered a few hundred in most common sizes for wets and drys. Will let you know how it goes.
  2. tie all my R&D patterns on them. When I get em right I go back to TMC or Daiichi. Thanks for the feedback. I'm curious. The Sabers and Togens must lack something, if you just use them for R&D. What does TMC or Daiichi offer that Saber doesn't. If it helps, I tie for throw, not show. If the name brands fish better than Saber, then I'd spend the dough.
  3. I've seen negative feedback on the Togen hooks (too thick), the Saber hooks generally have gotten good reviews - except for the local fly shop which says they suck. However, the sample base is small - found only 4 or 5 comment about them on the web. Have any of you tied with them? How do the compare to Mustad chemically sharpened hooks? At 7 bucks a hundred, I'm sorely tempted.
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