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  1. Not sure how I just came across this now, but I like it Ray! Almost looks like it would make a decent smelt imitation too....
  2. Firstly, congrats! Now - Preston (Jennings) Traver (Robert) and my personal fave - Dace (yes, a real name!) Check #9 here: http://www.encyclo.co.uk/define/Dace
  3. C&F. Best I've ever used. Either the CF2500 or 3500.
  4. Very pretty fly. Though I'm trying to see the relation to the Col. Bates. :dunno:
  5. Not a salt guy, so bear with me... :baby: Just received a sample of these, due in production shortly from Gaelic Supreme, for those who might be interested.
  6. 6th Annual Catskill Fly Tyers Guild - Fly Tyers Rendezvous Sat. April 19, 2008 at the Rockland House in Roscoe, NY from 10 AM to 3 PM Free admission. Over 40 tyers from across the northeast. Flies, books, artwork, materials, collectibles, etc. Tyers attending: Bob Osburn Ken Tutalo Bob Patlen Ted Patlen Kurt Huhner John Collins John Kavenaugh Chris Del Plato Bob Petti Bill Newcomb Darren Bua Jim Froio Mike Hogue Dave Brandt Bob Mead Bob Boyle Bruce Corwin Aaron Hirschhorn Paul Weamer Greg Becker Mike Stewart Rich Bogardus Morris Kashuba Allan Podell Mike Belloma Nancy Hopping Harold Bartholomew Elmer Hopper Leslie Wrixon Ralph Graves Joe Fox Fishy Fullum Brian McKee Ted Sypher Gary Sweet John Shanner Stan Fudala Tim Wohland Ron Kozlowski Glen and Andrea VanBenshoten Peggy Brenner Harold Williams Tom Babcock Frank Audino Dan Caruso John Hvasta Sam Scafidi
  7. I'm not aware of anything online that has all the patterns. This article has the basic tying instructions and a link at the bottom to most of the patterns: http://globalflyfisher.com/streamers/guest...eek/fulsher.htm
  8. The Thunder Creek flies are indeed a set series of patterns. I believe there are now 22 (24?) in total, representing various forms of minnows, shiners, fry etc. There were originally 17 patterns in Keith's 1973 book Tying and Fishing the Thunder Creek Series. Keith later added another bunch of patterns, all of which are now contained in his recently re-released version of that book - Thunder Creek Flies. Thunder Creek would also be considered the style of tying these flies, though Carrie Stevens actually did some flies in a similar manner back in the 1930's-40's, quite a while before Keith wrote his book. I believe she termed them 'reverse-tied bucktails'.
  9. Ray, really like it! :headbang: I might also suggest you seek out a copy of Derek Quilliam's Complete Guide to New Zealand Trout Lures. Tons of patterns in there, in all the classic NZ styles - Matuku, Killer, Pukeko, etc.
  10. Ahhh, the sad and harsh realities of life.... Such a heartbreaker when they finally dawn on the naive.... :crying: Boy, do I hate being the one to break it to you, :devil: I'm afraid there is no Hook Fairly, Oatka. In fact, quite the opposite.... You see, I know this because they come to my house quite frequently.... They are the Hook Gnomes. :bugeyes: They come in the middle of the night and steal your hooks. :cry: Especially the ones you like to use the most. Occasionally you'll find one on the floor in the corner that they dropped during a hasty escape. They are of the same order as the sock gnomes and underpants gnomes (think South Park). Once, I came down in the middle of the night and surprised a troop of them making off with my Allcock hooks. I must tell you, they are a rude lot at best. :ripped: Sorry, but I thought it best you find out now, before you have no hooks at all.
  11. Not sure how many of you are into art, but came across this guy's work recently and thought it might be of interest to some. I find his style quite unique and interesting. Especially some of the bird etchings. http://www.rizosart.com/
  12. Joel and all - thanks. Every b'day is great as long as they keep coming... As long as people keep telling me I seem younger than I actually am, I guess I'm OK with it.... Great 08 to you too! :rockon:
  13. Nice! :punk: I assume this is the pattern taken from Veniards?
  14. Nice. Do you know of any other patterns he's created? Believe he tied for Hunters for a long time. Maybe still does?? Here's a photo of him and Warren Duncan.
  15. That may be one of the prettiest flies I've ever seen. :bugeyes: :punk: :headbang:
  16. I wish. Not all of us receive Soc.Sec. checks..... :crying:
  17. This is one possibility (if the BB software can do it) - another site I occasionally read has a 'General' forum that shows all posts in all the other forums with a small icon next to each indicating which subforum it was posted in.
  18. Young, relative to you, Methuselah. And I'll buy the coffee if you buy the beer.... :cheers:
  19. OK. My only comment would be that too much fragmenting may give you the opposite effect of creating the 'community' you wish to. Lets say you do create different forums for each style of salmon fly (hairwings, artistics, speys...) -- they're neatly compartmentalized as far as the flies themselves, yet you may have also segmented your community into mainly looking at the one forum they specialize in. Someone may hang out on the 'hairwing' forum when there may be info shared on the 'artistic' forum that they would also be interested in. One might suggest that they go check out the other forums from time to time, but undoubtedly they will miss posts/topics, not to mention the hassle of having to keep track of multiple forums now. Personally, I wonder if there are already too many FTF forum categories. Once in a while I see comments like 'didn't know whether to post this here or there'. :dunno: Don't want to come off like I'm throwing cold water on anything, as I certainly enjoy the Classic Streamer & Wet Forum.... Just my thoughts. Probably worth every penny you paid for them...
  20. Interesting. Beyond the 'classic' moniker/domain, is there other motivation for further separating things out?
  21. I'm sorry, I just woke up.... :sleep1: :coffee: Did something happen??? :dunno: Thanks for the kind wishes! Very nice of you boys.
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