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  1. Go for one of the newer generation Garmins. The ones with the SiRF high-sensitivity receivers. I have the GPSMAP 60CSX. Much improved in canopied areas than its predecessors like the Garmin eTrex Legend (which I owned before this one. There is a $50 rebate on the 60CSX until Xmas, I think. Takes a little of the sting out of the $329 pricetag. Can get it at Amazon. I use mine for a few applications. One of which is Geocaching. www.geocaching.com
  2. Really nice. :headbang: Not easy to pull off keeping the WD wing barring in line. Nice job.
  3. Mark and all, I don't think anyone is saying don't have fun or don't do your own thing. Each will get their 'kicks' from different aspects of the craft. Much of my own personal enjoyment comes from learning the history of the patterns and styles, and recreating them in a form the originators intended. Others could care less. I'm merely saying that we should be careful about how we use and represent classic pattern names, especially if we're making changes to the accepted pattern recipe itself. If everyone had a 'whatever' or don't care attitude about the patterns, we probably wouldn't even know what a Shushan Postmaster was in the first place. Heck, one could tie the pattern on a coathanger for all I care, and if the pattern materials are the same as the original, it could still be a Shushan Postmaster. Slight modifications I would usually designate as a 'variation'. Even flies tied in an extreme, artistic manner, might be considered variations. However, beyond a certain point, like color changes and switching wings from hair to feathers, one might consider as a different pattern altogether. Case in point might be the Gray Ghost. Very few I see are tied in the manner Carrie Stevens designed it. But it is hard to argue that they are not Gray Ghosts, since they have all the correct materials, just not proportionally correct or accurate from a historical perspective. Of course, this is probably way to serious for many, and that's fine. But I imagine for many, the origins of the patterns are important. I don't mean for this to come off as a rant, and I can appreciate Fly Tyer Guy's tying and motivation behind the fly. Just thought it was something worth discussing and giving an opinion on. And that's probably worth every penny you paid for it...
  4. OK. I guess I just don't understand the point of making something 'your own' by using different materials and colors, but using someone else's (classic) pattern name. If it's that much of a departure, why not give it a name of its own?
  5. Figured I'd give some thoughts/suggestions... I thought the premier issue was very well done, especially considering the fact that it is a new publication and team. If all subsequent issues matched that one, there would likely be few complaints. The detailed content and photography are what set the magazine apart. I would imagine this is what makes it attractive over the other offerings, so I assume this will be a constant. Perhaps some finer or additional editing to ensure most of the errors are caught. I wouldn't mind seeing a flat spine w/ glued binding with title/issue info on the side, instead of stapled. Probably a cost impact? Perhaps a single large photo on the cover and some additional text hinting at article content, instead of multiple photos on cover. How about a pullout of some sort -- a folded mini poster of featured fly or flies? A light cardboard page-sized print? Perforated tear out index card sized pattern file cards? Might be interesting. Just thoughts....
  6. Very pretty Mike! :headbang: Captures the season!
  7. Nicely tied. Although I'm confused as to how this is a Shushan Postmaster (wng and throat aren't the right materials/color), and how, exactly the term freestyle applies. :dunno: Does 'freestyle' mean changing the pattern? Or tying a classic pattern in a non-classic style? Or making something totally unique and original?
  8. Looks like a killer. Very nice Dave. :headbang: :headbang:
  9. Super tie! :headbang: :headbang: Looks to be the wetfly version of the Roger's Knight streamer....which is a Black Ghost with dun wing instead of white....
  10. Really nice in concept and execution Ray! :headbang: :headbang:
  11. I agree with Mark - A great fishing fly. I have my own version(s), inspired by a friend's father - who tied this a little differently... As for hooks - I believe the original was short (3x), but if I recall, Bates has a longer shanked 'Hornberg Streamer' which is tied on a longer (6x?) shank. This is one of the patterns that I would love to get an original of.
  12. Absolutely love the pattern! And the tying! :headbang: :punk: :rockon:
  13. Striking! :bugeyes: Well done! :headbang:
  14. Mark, I believe the 'Carrie Stevens' hooks are more expensive. Last I knew they were packaged in qty. 10.
  15. Thanks Bruno. I think you have a few brown trout down there. Perhaps you might want to give it a swim?!
  16. In obnoxious Rachel Ray voice "Oh, Yum-O! Sooo gooood!" :headbang: :headbang:
  17. I'll echo Bill's comments. When you see this pattern, 80+% of the time it is not tied correctly. :headbang:
  18. A while back, Ray had mentioned that he thought the Dunc's Special had the look of a good fishing fly. Thought I'd show you the results of its maiden voyage. Had hoped for a big brookie on the first cast (I know, lofty expectations) and almost had one as he lurched over the top of it. Half dozen casts later, a big brown was the prize.
  19. Bob - Great shot of me & Ted looking through part of 'the archive'..... Ted, that's a nice shirt. :headbang: Do they also sell men's clothes where you got that? :hyst: :devil:
  20. I was just thinking what Ronn said -- how did I miss this?? Then I realized it was posted when I was in Maine.... Just beautiful Royce! :headbang: :headbang:
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