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  1. Nice Ray. :headbang: I remember being a little miffed at the (Fly Tyer?) article that detailed these flies. Guess they never heard of Slaymaker.... Would perhaps best be referred to as 'Gierach's Little Brown Trout' to avoid confusion, since the Little Brown Trout was already taken.... For the record, I also frowned when I saw Talleur's article on tying the Oatman flies where they titled the Oatman Brook Trout pattern the 'Baby Brookie' or some such... Things get muddied enough over time. They certainly don't need any extra help... And don't get me started on Blacknose Dace with the black on top..... or missing completely........ :wallbash: Sorry Ray - didn't mean to rant all over your post...
  2. Really nice Ray. :headbang: Especially that top one. An effective pattern too.
  3. Some pics from Saturday. The crowd gathers.... Caucus (from left - Ted, Stack, Peter, Lee) Donny Bastian holds court Martinek the master Sardines! Raffle Fly Plate
  4. Nice job on a colorful pattern! :headbang:
  5. Joel, I was a little confused by this photo caption when I first saw it too. The fly is a Pink Lady. It is the fly that Carrie tied when she demonstrated (taught) Wendell Folkins how to tie her flies when he was purchasing her Rangeley Favorite business in the 1950's. Because the business was changing hands at that point, that fly is considered the last official fly she tied. Hence the caption - The Omega streamer (as in the Alpha - beginning, and the Omega - end). So if you want to tie it, tie the Pink Lady.
  6. Nice! Love the background too! :headbang:
  7. Peter, Thought about going, but too many other obligations last weekend.... Look forward to seeing you Saturday. So, do we have a confirmed list? Chris Ted Peter Lee....
  8. The Thunder Creeks ain't so hot. They were done a long time ago before I got 'schooled'. :baby: Thank YOU Joel,Sgt.Q, DaveG, beadhead and so many others. :rockon:
  9. In the words of Jerry Stiller "HooCheeMama". One of the more unique ones I've seen. Cool! :headbang:
  10. Oh yeah. Will do better than that. I got something that will knock your hat off..... :yahoo:
  11. Just wondering which of you boys will be in attendance this weekend. :dunno:
  12. Always liked that pattern. Nice job! :headbang:
  13. Monumental undertaking! :bugeyes: From the looks of it, all wonderfully tied true to style. :clapping: You should be very proud of your accomplishment! :headbang: :headbang:
  14. Thank you to those who have served. Old Glory True Colors Thunder Creek Patriots
  15. Love the tying. :headbang: Hate the pattern.
  16. Really nice. I like it. :headbang: Does he give the source of the pattern?
  17. Really love the color blending going on in that throat/collar. :headbang:
  18. Really casts a spell... :headbang: Haven't fished this one, but I bet it's a good fall pattern.
  19. No surprise this takes fish, just like some of the other simple/basic wets. Some natural color, some flash and a bit of red. Common theme for some effective flies. :headbang:
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