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  1. she was fat... caught on a topwater not fly , nor is it me, it is my bro this one is just for fun
  2. well on sunday the high was 85 down here in south texas, and this A.M. it was 37 when i woke up im hoping to make it down to the coast this weekend.. hopefuly i will take my camera, its just so risky take a dslr in the salt water
  3. well that is what i needed, to hear. thanks, i will keep those in mind, as far as paris... i will have to wait a bit, but i love fashion photography, its what i want to do but thanks again for your honesty
  4. critize at will (spelling?) these are some pics from a shoot of a good friend over xmas break nikon d200 nikor 50mm f1.4 iso 100
  5. im going to use my 400mm 3.5f shooting i cant wait ive been waiting for this for about a month i cant wait. for your d40, your going to have to play with it, and experiment (thats the joy of shooting digital) sorry i cant help
  6. i tried it once and i was really disapointed with the noise that putting my camera on a blub if i try it again its going to be on my 35mm,
  7. glad to see a new nikonian happy shooting
  8. im having a shoot tonight, im pretty excited. i just got my slaves set up so now i have 2 sb800 strobes for my flashes, i cant wait and i praying for a foggy night... ill have pics later 2 nite or tomarrow, due to the fact i have to study for a exam in history
  9. well the d40x has 10 mega pix
  10. benjamin


    what lens are you going to get
  11. i can see a bone hitting that in a #8 or so maybe with beadchain eyes
  12. im looking for a medium format slr, does anybody know any good quaility cameras i dont want to drop over a grand for a hasselblad i wish i had that kind of money, then i would get a leica rangefinder... i can have my dreams anyways or does anyone have any insight on tlrs such as the the old rollie-flex, which one would you pick between, and medium format slr or the m.d. tlr
  13. im a nikon guy but im going to try to put in my two cents. i would get an external flash, ask your self is the lens fast enough for you? as far as filters go, a high end uv filter to protect the glass of your lens is the most important a polarized filter would be nice(but not a must) that is the filters i would get most filter effects are in cs3 and how much postprocessing are you going to be doing. adobe photoshop elements is very cheap compared to cs3 (its what i started out on, and it has a very nice work flow system) just my 2 cents
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