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  1. No, the syllabus specifically says "Mustard Green" in caps like that's the name of the fly. The color of the body is not chartreuse either. It's a muted yellow-green. I think we used Hexegenia green Antron sparkle dubbing.
  2. Took a fly-tying class at a local fly shop, and the guy teaching the class showed us a streamer fly with a natural woodduck flank tail, dubbed yellow-green body and a soft grizzly hackle. He called it a "Mustard Green" and said it's a fly that was fished in streams in Virginia. Anybody ever heard of it?
  3. I second the antique store recommendation. I just got a white rabbit pelt, a mink collar and a bag of mink coat scraps. The huge bag of scraps was only $3. Looks like someone pulled apart an old coat. Most expensive was the collar at $12, but it's got about a hundred square inches of nice quality fur, with the guard hairs intact. Entire rabbit pelt was $4, and it has some darker patches of tan fur.
  4. Yes, the only difference I can see, other than the reduced strength compared to the Original Streamer 79580 and 2XS #R74, is that the Aberdeen bend places the point a little farther forward relative to the tail of the fly. I think the Mustad hooks sold specifically as streamer hooks are Sproats.
  5. Oh, just realized we were talking about the 3621. I have the 3621D, as per Al's reply above.
  6. That hook isn't discontinued. It's sold as a "cricket hook" for bait fishing. I bought a pack of 10 in #6 and #8 today at Academy Sports. They are 4XL bronzed Aberdeen hooks with a ring eye. They are not forged. I guess that means a reduction in strength.
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