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  1. Are they from China? I’ve seen those as well. I’m okay purchasing from them. Just want to make sure the quality is decent.
  2. I’m not a hunter. Where does everyone buy their center tails? I want to acquire a lot of them and $3 a pop from the shop is starting to add up. Anyone have a source for them by the 50 or more?
  3. Smallie- Sent you a PM and an email through your site. Interested. Hit me back so we can make a deal. Thanks. -silverbadger (Chad)
  4. No problem I totally understand. Here are some web credentials. Check out the link, it's to our TU's board of directors history 2005 & 2006, Treasurer & Director. (chad borenz) http://www.lambcom.net/kiaptuwish/boardhistory.html. I am new to logging in but I have been lurking and soaking up information for at least 4 years here. Sorry for not putting it in the original request. I need it sometime before the end of November. It will be auctioned off during our December banquet. I am getting an early start on it while everyone is tying this winter. Let me know if you need anymore information. Thanks for the interest.
  5. Sorry this is my first post and it is a request, I am a long time lurker. Hi, my name is Chad Borenz and I am a member of the KIAP-TU WISH Trout Unlimited group in northwestern Wisconsin. I am trying to help my TU chapter out by filling up a large 150 compartment wooden fly box with a plexiglas lid that I created – kind of like the ones you see at the fly shop – and then raffle/auctioning it off. It’s roughly 32”x18”. All proceeds are going to go to stream rehabilitation in the area. I am hoping that there are enough people that have extra flies sitting around or would like to tie for this worthy cause. I am looking for primarily trout flies (the classics in all sizes and newer creations as well), but really if you want to get rid of some and they are for bass or saltwater, I won’t say no. Hopefully I can collect some larger quantities (2 dozen) of the same size and style, each compartment is about 2”x2” and can hold a lot of flies, some compartments are 2”x 3” so yes streamers will fit. This is a chance to make a small contribution that will turn into a much larger amount of money and be used for much needed stream work. Any help will be appreciated. Please spread the word to your tying friends and send me an email ([email protected]) for my address. Thanks for the support. -Chad (silverbadger)
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