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  1. Some foxhair streamers would be working fine just mix some diffrent colors and sizes maybee some on tubes as well.
  2. thanks a lot dudes, we aiming most for big fish tarpon, mahi mahi, wahoo, jacks, snappers, sharks. Bones is fun for a day or two we want some real hardcore fishing and it sounds like we have to visit holbox and The Keyes for now. Any one knows any good place in the southern caribean? like panama or costa rica?
  3. great fly, it will catch some serious fish.
  4. I would like to go to some place for some serious hardcore flyfishing after tarpon, mahi-mahi, shark or other big fish. It shall be hot and tropical do someone have any suggestion where to go ???
  5. it was a very strong fish for sure! it took 200 m of backing in the first run and i had a #10 flyrod and the fight lasted for about 30-35 minutes. The fly that i used to hook the fish vas made of: Hook: Tiemco 200SP 1/0 Wing: Brown rabbit zonker Hackle: Black rooster hackle Head: Flo pink
  6. Hi Matt, I used the following, Hook: 2/0 Tiemco 200SP Thread: Kevlar Wing: White Fish hair, yellow fish hair, black fish hair Flash: Yellow crystal flash and some Sparkle flash But i found the pattern here http://www.flyfishusa.com/newsletter/070906/ a awsome pattern i think. Have a great trip!
  7. i sure can i will look after the recipe and post it here for you mate.
  8. as promised here is my last permit catched in Honduras/roatan
  9. the fishing was quite bad over at Honduras but i hooked a 25 pound permit, pictures comming soon some told me it might even be up to 30 pound !
  10. I´m going now to Honduras for some serious flyfishing, take care and tye a lot of great flies during my time away. If someone interested i might be able to add pictures and write some to my blogg located at http://puls.smackibacken.se see you all when i´m back again. Jonas
  11. go to honduras instead out to the Island Roatan www.mangocreeklodge.com i´m going there on friday
  12. Great flies David, Yak hair isn't the easiest material to handle
  13. i like them a lot, looks like a effective pattern.
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