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  1. Selah, Washington, just 15 minutes from the Yakima River. Jim Harper
  2. Add me to the list of those who cannot open that file. Bummer. Jim Harper
  3. I tend to use my Renzetti with a c-clamp most, but sometimes move out of the basement for a change and use a pedstal base. They both work equally as well. Jim
  4. Early in this topic I said that I use a Thompson A vise. Well Santa brought me a Renzetti Traveler. Wow, what a wonderful difference it makes. My flys don't look that much better, but it is sure more fun to tie them. Jim
  5. Lordy, I feel totally inadequate. My problems are much more basic than those with the above "advanced" problems. I just cannot ever seem to get a beard or throat hackle to ever be full enough and at the same time well spaced around the bottom or the hook. Jim
  6. Flyrod98, to be honest I am a bit more than disappointed about your findings, but I have heard so many positive reports on the Peak that it is probably going to be my purchase. Thanks again for all you help. Jim
  7. Wow, what a kind offer, thank you Flyrod98. I will be tying in the range of 12 to 24 size hooks. My eyes and skill are neither good enough for the really tiny flies (BWO's) that our Yakima river trout love. I think the skill factor is more restrictive than eyesight just to be honest. I truly appreciate your williingness to take the time to do this. Jim
  8. Thanks Flyrod98. That is just the kind of information I am looking for. Yes, perhaps someone will do just as you suggested. That would be appreciated. Jim
  9. I have researched those sites together with several more but none address the specific question that I have. I would really like to have this answered before I purchase the vise. In fact, whether I buy it or not depends on the information I am seeking. Thanks for your kind suggestion though. Jim
  10. Hello everyone, I am seeking a bit of information regarding the Peak vise. I fish the Yakima, WA area and there are no dealers around here where I can get the information myself. Since the Peak vise has no adjustment for placing hoooks of different sizes precisely on the axis of rotation when tying rotary style, I would like to know what is the optimum size hook that will position the shank of the hook on the axis of rotation without any vertical displacement as it is rotated. Also, what range of hooks will fit best before the vertical displacement during rotation becomes an annoyance. I am using an old Thompson A and looking to upgrade. I like all I have read about the Peak and it fits my budget, but I have this lingering question. Your taking the time to respond will be of great assistance and very much appreciated. Jim
  11. Bigbender, I feel your pain I am tying on an old Thopmson I got from Ebay for $11 and want to up grade. I have not been able to justify anything more than $200 since I am just a novice hobby tyer. I am down to the Peak or the Renzetti, but the Mongoose also looks great. The more I read, the tougher the decision is to make. Clueless in Fort Worth, James
  12. If i have to choose just one fly, it would be an unweighted olive wooly bugger on a size 10 dry fly hook with grizzly cock hackle. I could fish it either wet or dry and a wooly bugger will always catch fish. James
  13. I don't know about better, but I think fly fishermen have more fun. James
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