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  1. Ahhh,...I see. I didn't realize the body hackle was bunch-tied. In any event, it's a lovely fly, Kevin. Have you ever tried spinning Amherst (tail) or Argus on wire for body hackle or collars? Hywel
  2. What a stunning fly! What size hook did you use, and what did you use for body hackle - Silver Pheasant? If it is, the bird must have been hanging around Barry Bonds! Hywel
  3. Thanks, Guys! For awhile, there was almost a stigma about 'stinger-type' patterns,...and most of the flies I saw were the usual Bunny Leeches or bunch-tied Bucktail Streamers. I'm inventive by nature, and frankly I don't get very excited about tying or swinging 'pedestrian' flies - and it's one of the reasons I started creating articulated patterns, like the 'RiverRat Squid'. Like any other 'style' of tying I've always thought that you're limited only by your own imagination. Damian - that's exactly the article I referred to. (I didn't know if it was kosher to post a 'competing' website link or not.) I wonder how much interest there would be on this Board if a 'step-by-step' article was posted on how to dress an articulated Super Prawn? Hywel
  4. 1morecast, I used a stripped plume of white Marabou in the body followed by (2-3 turns) of Yellow and Silver Doc Blue Marabou behind a collar of KF Blue hen hackle. I think it'd still be a pretty (and effective) fly if you were to substitute the yellow for chartreuse or a light 'lime' green, though - especially for Dog Salmon. Hywel
  5. Here's another articulated Super Prawn that was inspired by the movie, 'Monsters Inc'. Hywel
  6. Here's another example of combining a (Hans van Klinken) Bondal-style throat with a straightforward Pink Finn Marabou 'Spey' pattern. I especially like this fly because it has a very simple, uncluttered grace and flow to it,...almost like Japanese calligraphy or a Samurai sword. Hywel
  7. I'm still something of a comic book nut - and I've always thought those older primary colors used in the classic pulp comics would yield some pretty cool-looking Steelhead flies. It obviously doesn't take much to inspire me! Hywel
  8. One of the most informative and enlightening tying articles I've ever read is Don Johnson's "Art of Articulation". It's an in-depth piece on creating 'stinger-type' patterns and using the NorVise to create a furled trailing hook and harness. Reading Don's article really fired up my imagination and it's since enabled me to dress dozens and dozens of existing patterns in a very different and (I think) very exciting way. Here's my latest articulated fly, the 'Radical Gardener' - which I also call, "DoJo's Gardener" as sort of a tribute to Don. Hywel
  9. Thanks, Guys! Mike - a very dear friend of mine and I have an inside joke about Claret-colored flies. A self-proclaimed "expert" (on another board) had boldly stated that Claret wasn't a very productive color of choice for NW Steelhead. Well, both of us maintain that Claret flies are indeed very effective for Steelhead - as well as Trout and a few species of Salmon. So, whenever the subject comes up we're quick to quip, "Claret?! Remember what "the expert" said,...Claret is NOT a good color for West Coast Steelhead!" *g* BTW - "Flies - the Best 1000" is a great little book and it also features another one of my favorite Randy Stetzer patterns, the "Autumn Gold". Hywel
  10. Have any of you ever been attracted to a certain pattern, and couldn't explain exactly 'why' your were drawn to it? The Patricia is one of my all-time favorite Steelhead flies and one of those flies that I've always been enamored with. Here are two versions I tied recently; The first was dressed according to Randy Stetzer's original Rx, and the second is a Winter variant with a fuller body. Hywel
  11. Damian, I actually had you in mind when I posted it! That fly and a few others are on their way to you... Hywel
  12. Hi Ya'll Just for grins and giggles, I thought I'd post a new'ish pattern of mine called, the 'Solylent Green' - which is just a color variation of the Sultan Blue. The fly is my way of thumbing my nose at the 'conventional thinking' that Green isn't a productive color for Steelhead - and to have a 'change of pace' fly when the other 'hot' colors aren't working. *g* Which leads me to opening a can of worms; Why is it that predominately green flies aren't popular in the Northwest, yet seem to be one of the 'go-to' colors on the East Coast? Hywel
  13. Hi Ya'll I've always been fascinated by Hans van Klinken's 'Bondal' and 'Pulsar' Salmon flies. The Bondal flies are otherwise 'normal' hairwinged patterns tied with a long'ish beard of brightly colored rabbit fur that serves as an additional 'hot-spot' - it also adds a lot of movement to the front of the fly itself. I thought that the same little hot-colored beard might be an enticing component to add to a (Bjorn's) Super Prawn when they're tied in more muted or somber colors - and this is the end result. I hope you enjoy it! Hywel
  14. Hey Guys, As much as I love hairwings from the Great Northwest, I occasionaly get the urge to tie something from the 'other coast'. *g* This is my rendition of the 'Lady Pink'. Hywel
  15. Hey Guys, I want to thank each and everyone of you for the kind words about my tying. I'm going through a pretty challenging time in my life and your encouragement and compliments mean more to me than you'll ever know. Each and everyone of you truly inspire me! Hywel
  16. Frank, Actually, due to a health set-back, I haven't been able to fish since February,...but that'll be remedied soon I hope! Summer in Seattle is an oxymoron, didn't you know? *g* Hywel
  17. Thanks, Maestro! I wish the photo of the dark variant would have picked up the Bronze Peacock dubbing - it really 'pops' when you see it in hand! Perfection? Naaaah! But every so often the sun will eventually shine on a dog's Kiester! (grin) Bruce, Thanks for the kudos - I appreciate it. You're right!!! The 'Natural Brat' would be a marvelous tube fly for Alaska - and for that matter, in your neck of the woods. After all, don't you generally use more muted or natural colors for Steelhead back East? A brass Shumakov skittle tube, and the mixed wing tied Templedog or Scandinavian-style, maybe a little bit more flash in the wing,...man oh man, where's my tube fly vise? I gotta get right on it! Hywel
  18. 'D', Your not gonna believe this, I bought a mess of the Daiichi 2271's because of the flies on the dust cover of John Shewey's new book! Like you, I think it's the same hook - or darn close to it. The Partridge SC14/1 'Frodin' Salar hooks are almost a perfect 'copy' of the Daiichi Alec Jackson Spey (even the size numbers!) - the only difference I could see was that the 'Frodin' return loop was a hair shorter and had less of a taper. Some people in the tying 'biz' consider the CS14's a blatant rip-off of Alec's hook,...if you think about it, though - what's really original or new when it comes to hooks? BTW - If you're not crazy about the Partridge Bartleet Supremes you might consider the Heavy Wire A.J. Speys in a heavy wire, the A.J. "Steelhead Irons", or the Daiichi #2161's. Hywel
  19. Nice tie, Randy! While it has many of the elements of the Surgeon General I think it it's unique enough to be an original, IMO. I really like the purple roof/underwing and the mixed hackle/guinea collar - and the proportions are dead-bang-on. Hywel 'Doc Taylor' has a nice ring to it. (grin)
  20. Thanks 'D'! 90% of my Salmon and Steelhead flies on Daiichi Hooks (mostly Alec Jackson Spey models - both Standard and Heavy Wire) and the rest are tied on Partridge 'Bartleet Tradional' and 'Supreme'. Lately I've been going through an 'old school' phase and have been tying a lot of PNW classic Steelhead patterns on Daiichi #2271's - a gorgeous down-eye, heavy wired iron with a Limerick bend. I also have two boxes of 50-year old Mustad 1/0 and 2/0 3658E hooks that I also use for 'antique' patterns. Because they're almost impossible to find I use them very sparingly! Hywel
  21. Hi Ya'll One of my favorite classic PNW flies is Enos Bradner's "Brad's Brat" - and being in my typical 'I cant leave well-enough alone' mood - I dressed a few variations of the pattern in more sober or 'natural' colors. The difference between the 'fancier' version (with the optional JC cheeks) and the second is the addition of a second collar of Olive Guinea Fowl, a little wing 'accent', and a darker body using Ronn Lucas' 'Bronze Peacock' Iridescent Dubbing. The whole idea of this experiment was inspired by a recent chat I had with Dave McNeese who said (paraphrased) that he's "...developed hundreds of variants (based on color and material combinations) on the original 'Silver Hilton' alone." A great example of Dave's thinking is his 'Purple Brat' - which is in itself a gorgeous variant of 'Brad's Brat' Anyhow, I hope you enjoy my latest offering. Hywel
  22. Nice tie! Personally, I really like this version of the Caroline - namely because the wing itself is a little more 'defined' or fuller than some of your previously posted Speys,...and they were nicely tied as well. Hywel
  23. VERY nice dressing, Damien - it looks extremely fishy to me! I think I'm going to move 'up north',...simply to have access to affordable (and legal) Polar Bear hair and Heron! Could you post (or IM me with) the Recipe for the Ally's Cascade? Hywel
  24. N.U. Angler, Thanks for the thumbs up! Hywel
  25. E-mail sent, Ronn. Hywel
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