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  1. I was using the computer desk as my table until wife got mad about not being able to use computer So one day at the flee market found small 2 draw kids desk and I love it. A few holes for tools and dow rod for thread I'm ready. Now two of my kids are out of house using the spare room as tying area. Also have the computer there to keep up on things while tying.
  2. What is the problem with getting pics uploading in the gallery? I've tried to upload some but they never go through right.
  3. Hillbilly

    FTF Fundraiser

    Got my order in yesterday . Thanks Will for the free shipping. I do hope it helps out maintaining this site. I wish I had ordered more items also now but had to leave some money for the wife
  4. I bought a renzetti knock off on ebay for 40 bucks and love it. I do use the rotating feture in many flies. It is the only way I know that you can do a epoxy ant and keep the epxoy even. I highly recommend buying a rotary one.
  5. Yea we had some drop out thats why I sent back the extras. I don't like keeping something that doesn't belong to me. I did keep the extras that I was told to keep .
  6. Got my flies. They all look great. Thanks everyone. Thanks mcfly for hosting. Don't fell bad about having your wife help you with sorting them out. I had to have mine help me with the woven swap as well.
  7. Okay guys I'am putting your flys in the mail back to you in the morning. I got everyones that has sent them in. I'm not waiting or going to ask you to wait any longer. I apologize for the trouble that this has caused. They all look great and I have enjoyed hosting it and seeing all the differnet talent that is on this forum. I'll get a pic and get it uploaded as soon as I can. Thanks goes to the ones that sent in extra's for me. The other extra's will come back to you. Thank again guys.
  8. I received your fly Greg. i just couldn't get a clear pic of it.. I'll try again later.
  9. Sent in by Irish. Recieved them yesterday. I'm still waiting on the sets from; Artimus ( already mailed ) Greg H (already Mailed ) Maybe they will be in the mailbox today. I'll get them back out asap guys.
  10. I need help again. I guy I work with is wanting me to tye up some crappie patterns on jig heads for him. Where or what patterns do you all suggest?
  11. I'll be looking for them. As soon as i get them I'll get them divided up and back out.
  12. I got mine put in the mail yesterday. Should be getting them shortly.
  13. I got your flies yesterday Buster. Looks good.
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