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  1. I use a Rio sink tip 250 grain? in the salt. I am using a 9 ft rod 8 wt rod. It has a floating running line. I like it a lot and it casts great. It should cast with a 7 wt rod i would think. They used to make it in 150 grain but no longer made. Chuck
  2. The hind feet are the ones that are used.Don't know if the hair on the front foot would be long enough or float like the hind foot.
  3. Looks good to me. As i am living in south western Florida, i am going to have some ready this year. Thanks fore sharing. Chuck
  4. I have been fishing at barefoot beach lately and walked left to wiggans pass. Fished outgoing tide at the pass and caught several snook on a red and black clouser sparce flash. I also like that tied with craft fur. Seams to have more action when on the drop. Most were at the seam where the swift and dead water runs out of the pass. Also check along the beach on the walk to the pass. If the water is clear enough you should see a few snook. Good luck Chuck
  5. Mike i have used altoid tins with some good results.Just get some sheats of foam at Wall Mart or craft store and cut slots to hold flies. goodluck Chuck
  6. Kodiaksamon nice way to desplay your flash, and i like your pictures as well Chuck
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