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  1. I use micro chenille like here http://www.jsflyfishing.com/cgi-bin/item/S...ille-Micro.html Example....
  2. Talked to the boss and he said that there's an 80% chance I'll be going to Oahu for two months for work. I should start tying now but haven't got a clue what are good local bonefish flies. Anyone got the inside scoop on flies, colors, etc....pics would be awesome. Thanks, Eric
  3. Big E


    Anyone live there that could give me some info on the place? Been offered a job transfer there but know nothing about it. My current mentality is that it would be a nice place to visit but not live. Why would/wouldn't you move there? Thanks, E
  4. Those whos flies I received went out today. :headbang: Those whos I didn't receive I crossed off the list. In my rush to get the flies to the post office, I screwed up and forgot to send the extras back...my apologies. I've got 6 sets extra so I've decided to do the following: The first 2 people to post a pic of a fish caught with a swap fly other than their own will get 3 of the extra sets apiece. Thanks everyone!
  5. Trying out new materials...a new marabou and wiggle dub
  6. Got a bounty of beautiful flies today. Got sets from NJL, smokinprice, and RobertM. Thanks Guys!
  7. I used to ice fish pretty heavy and I tie flies. I've often thought about it but I always had my Genz Worms (go to jig) so never bothered. IMO ice fisherman go for what works and don't try much outside the box. They also want cheap and space concious...I would say the wooden box (while nice) would be of zero value to most ice fisherman as they already have their jig boxes that fit nicely inside their tackle box.
  8. I've went thru all the packages and have updated the front page. We're still waiting on a few sets. What swap flies I have by COB Fri will go out on Sat.
  9. Got them. Sorry I got them mixed in the other packages. Nice heads on a tried and true pattern!
  10. Got em...sweet ties and some nice tinsel and head work!
  11. Got your flies Paul...great set that are all tied alike! You definately control your material.
  12. Yes, sure did...awesome 2 sets. The jassid holds a special place with me as it was one of the first swap flies I did a couple years ago...yours put mine to shame though!
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