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  1. very cool game i have it and love it.
  2. I had a great time tying and got to meet some new people. I even was able to get the wife to tie 3 wooly buggers. I bought some raffle tickets and was entered in for the door prizes. there was a lot of nice things being given away just wish my wife could have been the lucky one to win a wonderful rod built by Steve. I have to say the goodie bags at the door were loaded up fairly well with two different types of beads some normal style and some of the ones with eyes, a j Stockard catalog ,hooks from togons , hooks from fatbluegill and I’m sure other stuff I’m forgetting. I did win a door prize , so I chose the mono master, it also came with a zinger, HATCHES mag ,and a Chota hat. Did I mention I bought some raffle tickets... I won a gift certificate for Korker, a gift certificate for the beads with built in eyes and even a very nicely built 5 weight built by MIDWEST CUSTOMS. I had a wonderful time and hope this will happen again. THANKS GFP
  3. thanks. there is a pond not 10 min away that the bluegill love this little thing. gotta love the sunfish and bluegill almost hit any thing
  4. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by s0l0ithz: bleeding catiplier
  5. It was very nice to meet Mike, Craig , Shawn(sp? as it can be spelled different) Zach. I had a blast and can not wait for the next one. I was taught how to tie a stone wich did not come out to great, did a little saun jaun worm, a nymph with bead , a small streamer and and a... Wooly bugger oh also a hairs nymph. Agian thanks Mike for the great time.
  6. thats what i was trying to tie for was some bluegills and small crappie at a local town park.
  7. well these are my first attempts at tying with no tools or correct thread(used sewing machine thread) just dont :hyst:
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