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  1. ...comes from a Turkey. I would have signed up for this. Lately "Awesome Lady" has said that most things I give her come from a turkey!
  2. Min

    A to Z Swap

    Great, a full swap!!! I am going on a trip this coming week. I will "test" my pattern to make sure that it works!!
  3. Min

    A to Z Swap

    Not too bad, only 10 spots left!!
  4. Min

    A to Z Swap

    Yeah, except I have to buy two packs because the first couple are always a bit rough around the edges..... I am with you on that one. Have lots of partial packs laying around my bench.
  5. Min

    A to Z Swap

    I thought that swaps, like this one, were the reason that hooks were sold in packages of 25. :cheers:
  6. Min

    A to Z Swap

    Hello Professori, Been out on the river at all, in the last few days??
  7. Min

    A to Z Swap

    PM sent to the "Big E", about the letter "D".
  8. Thanks, never really heard of a 'crease' fly before. They look very interesting. I would be interested in seeing the final results.,
  9. That's how I feel too. After all, I am saving so much money by tying my own flies ????????
  10. I agree that it is unbelievable that our two countries have difficulties dealing with a few envelopes going back and forth. The suggestion about the empty CD case is great. I think that I will try it on the next swap.
  11. Great idea, having 2 standby for replacement in case of drop outs.
  12. Great looking 'bugger. On a different note, DONE ????? :shocking: Heck, I haven't even got hooks yet!!! :headbang: Thanks for the extra incentive to get going.
  13. Hello Rick, Just off 12 hour shifts and now running a swap!! Way to go!! If its OK with you, I will jump in with a beaded Olive bugger.
  14. I was thinking about joining in with this swap. But,...... I was in the 'swapaholics swap' and I am still trying to recover!!!! :cheers:
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