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  1. aovesen: it sounds great that you guys in Denmark doing something to save the salmon before it is to late.
  2. Welcome to the forum How is the Salmon fishing in Danmark?
  3. Welcome Jakob! Nice to see some more guys from Scandinavia here on the forum
  4. Welcome Kodiak I always wanted to travel to a Alaska and fish after those big salmon you guys got over there. Is it much snow there now or can still fish with dryflies? Here where I live the fly fishing season is over, it’s ice and snow everywhere
  5. Welcome to the forum! I hope you will like it here
  6. Congratulations guys great photos When I looked at the other photos in the contest I new that it would be difficult to win. next year It will be my turn
  7. Here in the northern part of Sweden we already have had snow for about 5-6 weeks and it will stay until the end of May We also got ice on the lakes for 7 weeks ago. So the fly fishing season has ended for me
  8. Welcome to the site Vandy I know you will enjoy it here
  9. There is a fly tying god after all those flies are amazing
  10. your website was just amazing great photo’s and everything.
  11. I have been tying flies for 6 years now, mostly dry flies for trout and grayling.
  12. Welcome to the site Mako
  13. Tiensuu


    Skeet3t: I have no idea how many fish species we have in Sweden but where I live you can catch fishes like Grayling, Char, Trout, Salmon, Pike, Perch and some different whitefish species. My full name is Andreas Tiensuu so Tiensuu is my last name. I hope that you are satisfied whit the answers. (Yes, the world would be a much better place if we all just got together and talked about fishing and tied flies)
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