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  1. Don't know how long, but I think I've been using it for 3 years now. I believe I bought it at Baldachinos. Great stuff.
  2. These things are awesome. The possibilties are endless. Mine didn't have a motor, but I scrounged up an old sewing machine motor and added it on. Now I have total control on the speed of the rotation through the foot pedal.
  3. Yes. Just tie it off just as if it were floss, yarn or whatever.
  4. Go to your local fly shop. In all probability, instead of supporting American tyers, they sell those imported flies from Sri Lanka, Thailand etc etc. They always have a pile of the boxes from these imports leftover after they empty their order into their display case. That's what I use. Lord forgive me.
  5. Here ya go. Ripple Foam Or find a dealer here.... Millstream
  6. Or....you could buy one of these...... To make brushes like these.......
  7. There are many advantages to using a dubbing loop. Flies that last 10 times longer is just one of them. Enjoy.
  8. Thanks Letumgo. I reckon I better do some heavy duty snitching here right soon.
  9. When you think you have the wraps tight, make them tighter. If that don't work, break out the crazy glue.
  10. I'm gonna have one of those babies. Any idea of where I can get one? How much of the ol' womens change do I need to snitch in order to own one? :devil:
  11. I use the foam wings on all sizes. I'm not much on light tippets, so twist generally isn't a trouble for me. But....for those of you that hate tying quill wings, might I suggest Wonder Wings using the Al Beatty technique? They are simple to tie and pretty danged effective. I sell a pile of them each year and my customers all say the same thing....the more beat up they get, the better they work.
  12. You can get it here Rub A Dub Squigglies
  13. I'll tell you what I expect.....When I lay down a $100 bill on his lap, I expect a little communication if he can't fill it. I expect total honesty with me if he can't fill it. I don't expect stories about the USPS losing 25 packages, I don't expect stories about his Aunt Lizzy having a coronary, and I don't expect stories about being to busy with his full time job. I don't expect lies and conflicting excuses over the course of 12-16 weeks, and I expect that if he can take the time to deduct $100 from a PayPal account, then he could scrounge up a few minutes to send out an email letting the customer know he is backlogged. Most of the fly tyers that I know are pretty laid back and patient individuals that could easily understand a problem with backlogging. I guess the lies and BS wouldn't be so bad if he realized that there ARE A FEW OF US that are connected to people that deal with him commercially and eventually find out he's full of crap. :headbang:
  14. If you are in a hurry, don't bother ordering from this guy. You might possibly wait upwards of 10-12 weeks to get your order. He lies about your order, gives you a song and dance about having a full time job, the family is sick, yada yada yada. He takes his good old time getting your items ready to ship. Last spring, after having placed an order in November, I requested my money back. He gave me a refund, and had the audacity to tell me to never place an order with him again. What a clown.
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