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  1. You were right, mother nature didn't cooperate at all, but I have a great time at Minneapolis and Saint Paul, I'm going to be back maybe on September or October Many thanks to all of you
  2. Keep the good work coming, nice job
  3. Nice design my friend, I think it can be a killer down here with the largemouths
  4. Wonderful fly Fred, nice job
  5. Many thanks for all your help, I'll let you know how things are going as soon as I get there I forgot to ask you for traditional food :drunk:
  6. Hi I like to fish for carp, the fly I use most is a variation of the Clouser Swimming Nymph size 4-10, an orange bead in the wing case also works fine. I do not think they are very selective but I believe that not all the flies can do the job
  7. I'm going to be on Tuesday 19 until Saturday 23, I have only one free day, maybe Thursday or Friday, I can drive 1 hour or two, I'm not limited for Trout but I think that the only open season is for trout. Is that correct? Many thanks for your help
  8. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by tequilatrout: Firetiger Fish-Skull Jig W/Trailer
  9. Deeky, NJFlyMAn, many thanks for your help, they told me that the Rochester area is also a good option, but I guess that I have to rent a car to have more options, my problem is that I donĀ“t have much time
  10. Hi I'll will be in Minnesota next week on a trip for business and pleasure, I wonder if anyone could recommend me a stream or river near Bloomington, Minnesota 55425. I'm going to stay at the Ramada Mall of America. I saw that the trout season is open but only in some rivers, I'll never be in Minnesota before and any help would be appreciated, I have only one day to try to go fishing, also if you can recommend me some local Fly shops that would be great Thanks in advance
  11. Ewok Bugger Hook: Streamer 3x n.6 Thread: Black 6/0 Tail: Brown Marabou Body: Copper- Gold Chenille Head: Painted Lead Eyes and Brown Barred Marabou
  12. Tattoo Bugger Hook: Streamer 3 x n.8 Thread: Black 6/0 Tail: Black Marabou with Silver Flashabou Body: Mix of Gray angora goat and bunny dubbing Collar: Soft Grizzly Hackle Head: Black Conehead Tattoo: Small piece of lead wire burned with blue, black and red ink
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