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  1. i'm in a research session I would like your participation to name streamers for landlocked salmon living in lake. I will start a lot this Friday for this fish. I will affectionately meet him in December. Thanks to advance. streamer Name: Thirtheen lake
  2. Joe Hard, FLies received, :headbang:
  3. Ron, P stamps received, Thank's
  4. Jon, yes sir .. received Thank's
  5. Here's the update ( march - 02 ) Correct me if i'm wrong for your personnal stuff D Masson : Flies received 14 / return will be ok . D MacEachern : Flies received 15/ return will be ok. D Myskiw : Flies received 14 / i received nothing from you for the return . R Petty: Flies received 15 / No flie name on them .I dont know wich province you were tiyng for. i received nothing from you for the return L Taylor: Flies received 14 / return will be ok. J Leblanc: Flies received 14 / return will be ok. K Pitt: Flies received 12 / return will be ok. L Macomber: Flies received 14 / return will be ok . D Patterson: Flies received 13 / return will be ok As you can see, including me, 10 persons had send their flies. 1 tyer is wainting to have more money to send his package. For the others, i hav no news of them. So, i think, we should wait a little bit again before anay move from us. If you have ideas to help tyhis situation, it will be appreciate. Jean
  6. All right ! Great :headbang:
  7. For those who have not send their flies..... How it's going :dunno:
  8. Stony !!! I received yesturday the box ... :bugeyes: Thank's Stony
  9. REceived !!! unbeleivable ... received the 07 - 02 -2207 !!! Wow ! !
  10. for my side of tying bech, i can wait, no problem
  11. Daryn, it's a good one for the return of the CD , Well done Doctor !
  12. big, ! your puppy is looking good ! The parents of dog was trained to hunt ? The third picture show his leg up. Let me know how he is in the house. I was looking for a dog like yours and i never had a dog . So some folks told me to do not have this kind of dog because they are always on speed So i'm waiting to do the good move. will you use your dog at the wood for the hunting season ?
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