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  1. Hello Peterjay :headbang: , I would tell you a story but it would not be true lol. I had gotten these pics from a friend of mine showing that the American Eagle is making it's come back. These were taken in Alaska not sure where. I wish I had more info, I was not aware that you had to take the pics yourself . I just figured everyone would like to see the American Bald Eagle because in some areas it's a rare site to see. Robert NW :yahoo:
  2. Poulsbo? That makes sense. I thought Keyport was over that way. Yeah Big E, you're out of my neighborhood. I fish the West End; Q system/Hoh/Hoko. You'll be about three hours from there. I've never fished Jefferson or Kitsap Cty, so I'll not be of much help. Yeah never fished in the Olympic peninsela area, mostly south of Oly and fished green river a few times
  3. Hello Big E, I am from Olympia WA and have lived in Washington for 18 yrs before joining the army. There are several small stream or rivers south of Olympia down in Chehalis and Centralia area that are prime for fly fishing, Steelhead, Salmon, and Trout. My best bet would be the Chehalis River in Chehalis lol, Skookumchuck River in Centralia, and the Neuwakum south of Chehalis. North of Olympia off exit 116 you can try the Isqually River good for Steelhead and Salmon. North of Tacoma you have the Green River out side of Fife is good for Steelhead and Salmon. Seattle Everett area has the Snoqualmie River good for Salmon runs and Trout. Any additional info please message me.
  4. Its out by paulsburo Suquamish
  5. I would have to say Peacock hurl, saddles, (gotta have my hackles) and good thread that dont break.:yahoo:
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