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  1. beautiful,i havent used gaelic hooks yet but i just found them online.i may get some.nice tye.
  2. I have used a griffin odyssy for the last couple of years.I have never had a problem or a complaint.It handles everything i need,from buggers and streamers to small nymphs and dries for brook trout.
  3. I agree with you.alot of us are here to learn off of more experianced tiers.
  4. great looking caddis.love the body,nice job.
  5. nice hares ear,productive nymph.nice tye.
  6. great looking wet fly,nice work.
  7. great looking caddis,nice tye.
  8. first i have heard. i am very sorry to hear this.i have never met mel,but i have many videos and dvds..he is a great loss.
  9. great tie,good steelhead fly.good luck with the browns.
  10. beautiful work,very realistic.great looking bug
  11. i thought vietnam had bad critters,i dont want anything to do with those.
  12. chromeseeker

    Gas Prices

    in ohio diesel is higher than gas
  13. chromeseeker

    Gas Prices

    gas in northern ohio has jumped .50 cents a gallon in three days.this hurts.
  14. no problem trout killer,we are all here to learn.
  15. i like it,if it catches fish,i will tie some .
  16. copper,black,chartruese.but never red.no luck at all with red.
  17. beautiful,you realistic guys are way beyond me.
  18. wow,you realistic guys are on a different level.nice work.
  19. great work,beautifully done.very fishable.post more.
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