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  1. I started with a kit I got off ebay for 10 bucks (retail was 40 on it). within 1 week of having the kit I dropped a hundred bucks into a better bobbin (ceramic love it) and materials to tie the flies I wanted to make. I think the best thing to do is as others have said check into patterns of what you would like to tie and make a materials list and get the best tools you can afford (all this being if you are certain you will enjoy and continue tying).
  2. currently using the Sunrise "A" vise that came in my starter kit (got the kit for 10 bucks off ebay and it gave me a great start into tying) I'm wanting to get a danvise. I have been hinting at the wife I want one so I have my fingers crossed lol!
  3. I keep some of my more used items on my bench I made; the other stuff is kept in a tackle box and a small filing cabinet.
  4. chalk up another one for the peacock herl for me
  5. Looks pretty good. I love maple just I was too cheap to forgo to the extra cost
  6. could we some pics of the swappers creativity? [insert begging smiley here]
  7. not sure about what you have in mind, or whats available in your area, but I recently made a bench out of poplar for the base and sides and oak for the surface. I am really glad that I decided to go with the poplar since it has a lighter color. Also, something to look for is I have seen at Lowes and Home depot is a 2'x2' square of 1/2" melamine that would make a nice base around to build the rest of your bench.
  8. xavier I really like that pattern best of all only thing I don't have to tie it is the bead head. Looks like I need to make a trip to Great Outdoor Provision.
  9. I'm wanting to branch out and try tying some panfish and bass patterns. There are so many that I don't know where to begin. I would like to start with something that is relatively easy to tie and gradually work my way up to the more complex patterns. What is ya'lls opinion of a few good starting patterns which will fish well?
  10. I'm wanting to make a custom drying rack to accompany my bench. Where can I find rippled foam? does the craft stores usually cary it?
  11. the base is a 12" deep by 18" wide 3/4" thick. the sides are 3/4" thick by 3" wide. the Oak tops on the sides are 1/2" thick by 4 inches wide by 14" long. I bought the following material 1- 3/4"x12"x2' Poplar 1- 3/4"x3"x2' Poplar 1- 3/4"x2"x2' Poplar 1-1/2"x4"x4' Oak 1- 3/16"x4' Oak dowel Rod (Cut into 3" pieces to hold 2 spools of tying material) 1 pack (22pc)- #8 x 1" wood screws 1- Bottle good quality wood glue 1- Assortment of 100, 150, 220, 400 grit sand paper. If you want some more detailed pictures of the bench let me know.
  12. Thanks for the compliments. Which would be better for acheiving the taper, using thread or the lead wire? Thanks
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