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  1. Doing some small foam poppers colors TBD... C
  2. Glad they got there. Also thanks Blane for hosting the swap for riff. This has to be quite an undertaking. C
  3. Rockworm Thanks for hosting again. My set came a few days ago and they are once again awesome. I will look forward to the heads up next year as well. C
  4. All I really dropped the ball this month... I don't know where it went. Flies are tagged and ready. They will go in the mail tomorrow. Sould get there Friday or Saturday C
  5. #14 high viz parachute PMD... Should go out this week. C
  6. I got mine as well... A couple weeks ago. Very nice ties everyone.
  7. Blane You must have me confused with another swapper. My family and work issues are crazy right now, but I am planning on participating through the end of the year. On the flip side I am glad the princes got there. C
  8. Flies went into the mail yesterday. Should get there in a few days. C
  9. Mailed my flies yesterday. Hopefully they will make it by the deadline C
  10. Addy please... Hopefully they will go in the mail tomorrow, but Saturday morning at the latest. C
  11. It might not be a bad thing to tighten up the group a little and not replace PG. More people more chance of drop outs?? I was going to suggest the same thing as Piker C
  12. Everyone I posted this early in this months conversation. Unfortunately the 11th hour has turned into about 1 o'clock the next day. Flies are don and will go in the mail first thing tomorrow morning. They should be to Texas by Wednesday at the latest. I am sorry to have held up the swap by a couple of days. Looking forward to another really great set of flies. C
  13. That wiggle hex looks like it will be more than a passable wiggle damsel for those of us without gigantic mayflies in our backyard. Nice tie Riff. C
  14. I'll be shipping some PMD colored compraduns. Love the low floating silhouette of these. I am in the middle of a home remodel, so flies might not get there until the 11th hour, so to speak, but they will get there. C
  15. That is a sweet looking fly riff. I bet that will bring a few fish to hand out here. C
  16. Do you remember a swap some time ago where we sent materials to the swapmeister and they were sent out to the tyers to come up with a pattern using what ever you got? I got balsa wood and string, someone made a spider out of toothbrush bristles. Bob That sounds like a hoot. even better if the "material" is non traditional, i.e. toothbrush bristles. If anyone hosts this I am in. C
  17. I bet the over under for me to miss the deadline was higher than most, in fact with all the time I spent at work the last week I would surely have missed the deadline if it were not for a kind PM from piker... So thanks Piker for the heads up. I also always assume that flies want to evolve from nymphs to dry flies, and we were almost there, but piker seems to have taken us back from the emerging realm into the abyss. Here is my contribution: "Black Gold" Nymph Hook: #12 scud Thread: Orange Abdomen: tan and brown dubbing mixed Rib: Gold tinsel (gave up wire a while ago) Thorax: brown dubbing Wing case: epoxy coated black thin skin, gold tinsel (from rib) Beard: grizzly Please let me know if this evolution is too radical C
  18. I am once again in. 3 straight years of evolution...and still not done. C
  19. To flies a couple of days ago. They are really nice ties and all will do well on Colorado waters. Thanks Blaine for hosting... See everyone same place next month. C
  20. Blane I will send an extra fly for feb with the March flies before the end of feb, unless you believed I was stepping out of the swap to allow for Riff. As I said before I am happy to do that, but I thought everyone was tying 13. Just a bit confused with the sentence stating that both Dezod and Flytire sent on flies. Just let me know. C
  21. Any flies arrive across the pond or in the great white north yet?
  22. Riff glad to have you back. Glad to hear whatever had you away is going to allow you back. Flytire I hope whatever health concerns you are facing don't keep you down too long. I too will miss your ties in the tin every month. Blaine I am happy to step back out to allow Riff to participate in his own swap if everyone would prefer, or I would also be happy to tie up a bakers dozen rather than an even dozen flies every month so that he can participate. Please let me know what you would like me to do. C
  23. January and February flies went into the mail this morning. Should show up in big D monday or tuesday. C
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