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  1. Guys, I gotta drop out. I've been offered an internship and won't have enoguh time to complete my flies before the deadline. Sorry about the late notice. -Vandy
  2. I'm in. Can't pass up an esox fly swap. I'll be tying a Blanton's Flashtail Whistler in a Chartruese color and gold flashtail. It's pretty sweet and can be used for pike and musky. -Vandy
  3. Mine are done, plans to send em out tomorrow. Just need your address -Vandy
  4. Mine are ready to go. Just need your address! -Vandy
  5. Thanks everybody! I think you'll be glad to know that I got a belly-boat for my b-day. Can't wait for spring!! -Vandy
  6. One trick I like to use when tying hackle feathers onto toothy critter flies is to attach them using small rubber bands, much like the ones that people with braces use. This allows me to replace a destroyed hackle feather tail when the rest of the fly is still good. The only problem is they do slide around a little bit so you have to tinker with it a little bit to make em stick. Icelandic sheep is an awesome material for pike/musky flies. It's extremely durable and will take the abuse of many fish. -Vandy
  7. Those look like they'll be killer! -Vandy
  8. Wow! That's pretty sweet. -Vandy
  9. What type line/leader do you use when you fish for larger fish with this fly? I use a sink-tip line when going for toothy critters and was wondering if you did the same. -Vandy
  10. I'm in, and will also do something warmwater related. -Vandy
  11. I'm in as "Left Turns Only" -Vandy
  12. I like using the Mustad Signature C52S BLN hooks in sizes 4-2/0 for all of my bass bugs. It is a hook specifically designed for deer hair bass bugs. -Vandy
  13. Cool! Looks like the fly-fishing world's Mr. Twister. -Vandy
  14. After reading this thread it got me thinking about the next one (yeah already thinking about it ). daryn smith couldn't participate because of Canadian/USA customs etc. What if it went down like this: Have a Canadian swap box and a swap box from the USA All Canadians swap the Canadian box and all the Americans swap the USA box When the Canadian has been passed to all Canadian members, and the USA box to all the USA members, swap the boxes and do it all over again, except this time the Canadians have the USA box and the Americans have the Canadian box. Or something like that???? Just an idea I guess..... -Vandy
  15. Depends on the type of fly that I am tying. If it's trout flies, classical or light rock. If it's bass or pike/musky flies, then it's rock or classic rock. Sometimes Satriani. Sometimes Pink Floyd, Lacuna Coil, Eric Johnson, Nightwish, Rammstein, SRV, and anything else that's on my ITunes. -Vandy
  16. QUOTE They'd be first but I voted on a "pound for pound" mentality Had I voted pound for pound, I woulda put carp or smallies for sure. -Vandy
  17. I'm the only vote for musky (so far!) -Vandy
  18. A Tiger muskie is a hybrid cross between a northern pike and pure muskellunge. A wiper is a white bass and striped bass hybrid. Awesome fly! -Vandy
  19. I think I'll be tying a size 4 "BossBob's Rabbit-Strip Leech." It's kind of like a wooly bugger with barbell eyes and a rabbit strip tail. -Vandy
  20. Cool popper. Great color! -Vandy
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