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  1. great job on those fleyes. I especially like the smooth transition from the body to the deer hair head.
  2. nice looking flys. Just out of curiosity why do you tie the wing down behind the eyes?
  3. You guys should check out national geographic they recently had a show about snakeheads in the United States. In the show they were fishing for snakeheads by looking for the ball of eggs or fry that hang on their backs. It was visible when they came up for air. As far as killing them goes it is my personal opinion that you should only kill what you intend to eat. Take the carp for example: I still hear people say that the minnesota dnr says you should kill all non-native carp when infact the regulations state that it is illegal to wantonly waste any fish. As with most invasive species, the snake head is here to stay
  4. I am new to this post and after reading some of the topics i decided to finally post my own. I live in minnesota and want to try for carp on the fly. I would appreciate any advice on where to look for carp in a lake with a creek coming in and out of it after ice out. And also where to fish below a dam with a creek mouth about 1/4 mile downstream. Thank you in advance for your advice
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