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  1. Hi all: I just recieved mine in the mail: AWESOME! Must be Childers and Silver Grey? But Im not sure who dressed these Beauties! Worth the wait...though I was beginning to wonder.....Well Done Damian! Thanks for following up and bringing this swap to a successful close! Yup! These flies are great. I just have to find a frame for the wall and someone to give the credit to!! many thanks! Dave Potts Oregon :yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. :bugeyes: In the past, Ive gotten great results using a crock pot for washing and dying! I call it lowheat cooking. I use vinigar as the mordant after washing/cooking and rinsing. Less mess. Great results. Sometimes I use other animal dyes like those used for wool. There are some great Australian products available from custom dyers. (ie wool shops) Good luck and have fun!
  3. Hello Damien: Glad they finally came thru! I thought theyd get stopped for sure! That hook is the (now obsolete) 80500bl down eye. A little narrow in the gape, but I cant imagine how they mangaged the barb on those! (very antique looking I think). These hooks lend themselves to a narrower profile I think. And thanks for the comments. I am looking forward to receiving mine! And I hope these will please as well Great updates Damian! Dave
  4. Thanks for the nice words Damian. I sent flies off today (Wed) 1 Butcher and 1 Silver Doctor, both 3/0. I hope they will please their recipeints. Dave/Oregon
  5. Hi there, little pardners! Is there still room in this swaP? I have a Tay fly Id like to submit. Only if theres room though......
  6. I used this pattern in Utah in the Provo River years ago after reading of its effectiveness in PA during the War (WWII). Hook shortage and all that. So I tried it. WOW! What a killer on Fall migrating Browns! Edson Leoanards classic "Flies" shows a pattern where the body sports close turns of tinsel and the wing is a much shorter affair to avoid wrapping aroud the hook. But your fly looks great and certainly works!
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