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  1. Back in May, 3 buddies and I road tripped to Toledo to take a class given by Chris Helm at his shop. I cannot tell you how friendly and helpful he was and how much knowledge he has and shared with us. The amount of materials he has had all 4 of us drooling like babies. Call him at Whitetail Flytying and I know he will help you out. As a side bit, I too have experienced both the old boys club mentality and the friendly one. I have found sometimes, if you personally know some people, it pays to drop a name or 2. You could even road trip to Somerset in Nov. for the flytying show. Lotsof stuff there. And from what I hear, very helpful people. Hope this helps you out. Dave
  2. I have not seen anyone else list geocaching here. It's actually pointed me to some decent fishing water. Gotta love using multimillion dollar technology to look for tupperware in the woods! :ban:
  3. Author, flytyer, and steelhead fisherman Rick Kustich will giving a steelhead seminar Wednesday 4 March 2009. This event is going to be at the Glen Loch Restaurant in Jamesville, NY. This is being given by the Iroquois Chapter of Trout Unlimited. Program starts at 7 p.m. with a short chapter business meeting and then our guest speaker. There will be books and DVD's for sale as well as a 50/50 raffle. Also a fly tied by Rick will be raffled off to benefit Casting for Recovery. This event is open to the public so all are welcome.
  4. Just turned 44. Actually started just after I turned 30 for both flyfishing and tying. I do some work w/my TU chapter supporting various group activities including Boy Scouts and a Family Sportsmen Days at a local hatchery. We see a fair amount of kids at these events. And we get a nice turnout from some local high schools on Earthday cleanup for a few community service hours. These kids have never disappointed us with their enthusiasm and hard work. Our youth fishing day is also a good turn out. Just need to find a way to get rid of obnoxious parents who think they know everything at all of these events. :frusty:
  5. Sorry, but it's been a bit crazy with work and some other stuff. It actually went pretty well. We had 5 vets come in and we spent time showing them casting as well as some tying. There is an outing planned for Sept. 13th at a private pond in Fayetteville. Marty is going to email directions and what not. I am sorry to say, I cannot be there. I am not sorry to say that I will be up on the West Branch of the Ausable for 3 days! :ban: It seems like this is actually going to get goingand I am keeping my fingers crossed!
  6. Are you a member of TU or FFF? This started with a couple of our guys from Iroquois and the Madison chapters who are friends. I know that there are some TU Chapters that are more "old boy" fishing clubs and are more cliqueish than others (based upon previous articles here and at some other boards. Sorry Will! It won't happen again! :innocent: ). If you get a lousy or even no response from them in asking for help then as not only as a former member of the armed services but also a human being, then they are scumbags. At least all you have to lose is some time by checking out these 2 groups. Maybe even the Recreational Therapy Dept. at the local VA could be of help to you. I hope this helped/helps you out. Thanks Mike...am leaving in a bit and will pass along to all on how this one went. Dave
  7. Mike, You are correct!!!!! Tomorrow is the next meeting. Sorry you have to work. Dale does also. I just got an email from him. I also hope it'll be a better turn out. Will keep you posted about it. Also will let you know when Sept's is for the fishing outing. There was an article in the paper here and is also online about it. Syracuse Project Healing Waters I am taking tying stuff for wooly buggers, some ants and foam crickets. At least I'll be prepared. Hope all is well in with you and the family! Dave
  8. Teioneon

    Syracuse PHW

    Many heartfelt thanks to oatka and Dale for coming out to help at the first meeting of Project Healing Waters at the Syracuse VA! Also to everyone else who gave time and effort today! This was our intrepid band with the exception of a gentleman who had to leave early and our volunteer photographer. I am sad to report that no vets turned out for this event. We are not discouraged by this and will carry on and meet next month! Our date is going to be August 23. It's a Saturday again and will be at the same location. We even have 2 fishing trips to local water in the works. To Mrs oatka: We thank you for letting Mike spend the day with us, and hope you let him come out to play again sometime! Once again thanks guys and gals!! It was a very nice morning meeting everyone and planning future meetings. Dave
  9. Greetings one and all!! I am here to solicit help from any of you who are near Syracuse, NY for some help this Saturday (July 19) morning for a few hours. Namely from 9 a.m. to noon. A couple of my TU buddies here are working on getting a Chapter(?) of Project Healing Waters going here at the VA. It's a go so far but we hit a small snag. Some of our volunteers had work or family issues come up and we are little short of help. Right now there are 3 of us for sure and about 10 vets but more help would be greatly appreciated. Right now the plan is meet the vets and VA staff, do a little casting and maybe some tying or at least demonstrations. If there is anyone fairly local who can help out in any shape form or manner, you know it will be greatly appreciated. You can contact me via the site here and I will be happy to send you my email address in a PM. Sorry about the short notice but I got hit with this myself just now. Thanks again folks!!! Dave
  10. Teioneon


    As a former Poughkeepsian and still a NY'er..."YEAH GIANTS!!!!" :ban:
  11. Teioneon

    GPXF5F Line

    Overall, I think it looks pretty good. If you are concerned about some of the bends in it, just apply some tension to help straighten them out. A few good fish would be the first thing I'd try to use. Good luck and tight lines!
  12. Sorry about that omission. Small end of body goes by the hook eye.
  13. I use dry fly hooks. A layer of 6/0 the color of the body is my choice on the shank. Tie in at mid-shank near the middle of the body with about 4 wraps. I usually use 2 short pieces of rubber leg material tied in similiar to this this hopper. Sometimes I also use something to make it easier for me to see. I also sometimes have the body divided into 3 segments and I whip finish under the body. A bit of head or flex cement does not hurt either. Also, I usually use a hook size that is as long as the body and as light a wire as possible. Good luck and let us know how you make out. Dave
  14. I had tied up a bunch of olive worms sz 14 for our TU youth chapter to fish with and they worked quite well at a local pond. I also used one later at a different lake and a very feisty smallmouth of about 6 inches hit and refused to give up until I unhooked him and sent him home. I have even tied up 2 dozen worms for my annual CFR donation. I try to toss in something a little different every year with the usual suspects.
  15. In the dispatchers office at work when I'd fill in on a Saturday every so often. In my work van on slow days. You'd be amazed how well yellow and white calftail shows up on a dark blue interior and uniform. A picnic bench at a state park one Saturday afternoon. Bass Pro Shops as part of a weekend long fishing promotion. And most recently, in a hospital surgery waiting room. Alot of people came by to check it out and chatted. I had 6 hours to wait so I worked on some CFR flies. It was more productive than sleeping and having my snoring wrecking havoc with others. I finished 17 and tied in tails and beadheads for another 20.
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