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    Unknown Bug

    My TU chapter was helping some HS students at a local stream Saturday morning and a couple of us saw several of these around and we had no idea what they were. Thanks for the help!!!! :thumbup:
  2. Yeah I can see your point......being 15 and dating a slightly older woman is tough enough but when she used to be married to God, that is a tough ex to follow. Seriously, check out the archives here and you will find some very nice and pretty simple flies you can tie. Another thought, if you have a special fishing spot you like to go to, extend an invite to her and maybe even take a lunch. You could still toss in some flies (in a small box) that work well for that place. As long as it's from the heart, your sincerity will be recognized and greatly appreciated!
  3. Sorry for the delay. Flies went out today. And a couple of extra for the swap master in a separate container. There are some chernobyl hoppers, black foam spiders, and some royal trudes (I came across the trudes in my travels and thought they'd be something different and fun for them to use). 14 of each and the box.
  4. Flies will be done by next Saturday and posted on Monday. Please send an address, thanks! Dave
  5. My edition of Hooks for the Fly by William Schmidt says that 3261 is a 3x long, standard wire, and comes in sizes 5/0 to 14. No word if it's discontinued. Good hunting!
  6. Sorry to hear the bad news, it's not a pleasent leg in the journey of life but you can and will get through it. I went down the "D" trail a few years ago and survived. You have family and very obviously friends who care and that is the best thing in the world! Remember, your kids will need you as much as you need them and keep letting them know you love them. Best of luck! Dave
  7. Why not try some big deceivers or maybe even streamers made out of unique hair or something similiar? You could even tie in some stinger hooks. If you areworried about a profile, why not build up a head of softex or similiar? I have done that with some flies for pike and know guys who do it with their salt water flies. The nice thing on synthetics is liitle or no water absorbtion, making life a little easier for casting. :thumbup: Might even want to try tying in a few rattles to the shanks. Good luck and may it be a keeper!
  8. I have Skip Morrisons "The Art of Tying the Bass Fly" and it lists some panfish flies as well. C. Boyd Pfeiffer has one on tying warmwater flies that I have only skimmed in passing but looks pretty interesting. There is also "Mastering Pike on the Fly" by Reynolds with a few new/different flies than his first book. I also have all of the issues from the now defunct Warm Water Flyfishing magazine. Bluegill Flyfishing by the Wilsons is also on the shelf. It's alot of trout flies but tells how to tie the bully's blugill spider. IMO the investment was worth it for the other info in there as well. There is one book I have that resembles a scrapbook. It's full of articles from magazines, newspapers etc. that listed any info I thought would be useful for tying and places to fish. Why not print off some of the flies in the data base here from the warm water section and start your own book?
  9. I'd be happy to kick in a terrestrial of some sort. Will either be a spider or cricket. Will let you know by Monday evening. The woman I know here who works with CFR says she has not only river/stream fishing but has a few places where it's a little more warm water oriented. And all donations are greatly appreciated! This is a great idea/thing to do!
  10. My TU Chapter has a tying group and we have a member who works closely with CFR and we donate several dozen flies and some cash every year. It's a pretty nice feeling to help out when we can.
  11. Last night at the TU meeting, our guest speaker mentioned that Indian necks are not being imported due to some disease or little critters. Sorry I cannot remember exactly which one it is since we were tallking about the bird flu and it's effects on the tying industry. My suggestion would be to call around and see who has some left. Maybe even some craft stores like Michaels and A.C. Moore might have something to help you out. Good luck with your search.
  12. The most interesting incident was this past July on a lake near the Adirondacks. A boat with 5 respectable looking "adults" (ages from 30 to 60 or so) and 2 small kids had been out on the lake and seemed to have had a nice day running around and exploring the little nooks and crannies. Back at the boat launch later, Dad was wiping down the boat and chatting with the other "adults". The 2 boys about 7 years old were throwing rocks at a pair of mallards swimming near by. The "adults" did see this but said nothing! I hollered over at the kids "Why are you throwing rocks at those animals?" To which they replied as one "Becasue we want to kill them!!!!" The adults just stood there talking amongst themselves. I hollered back that it was not duck season and it was also a felony to harass wildlife like that and they could go to prison. They quit throwing rocks real quick with NO prompting from the "adults". Dad kept cleaning the boat and the other four decided to leave as fast as was legal. I know when I was a kid, any adult would have beat my :butt: big time and told my folks where there would be even more punishment to come for something like that. Even though there had been no fish caught that day it was still nice to be out but these morons almost ruined it. I wonder how many people these potential serial killers will hurt before they are caught when they get older?
  13. My wife is not registered here but I do send her links to postings from time to time. And she has taken a beginners tying class (she did very well) and even took a casting class. She has quite a few other hobbies so she does not tie but has free use of the desk and materials any time she wants it. I have met a few at some shops in my travels and even know of one woman not too far away who has her own shop. They are there.
  14. I had a very nice summer with a foam cricket that I posted here. You can even use yellow dubbing and brown foam and legs for a quick hopper. Or use all foam for a hopper similiar to this. It worked well for me also this summer. Even after losing the legs they still worked. Good luck and welcome to one of the best activities there is!
  15. Some how I was sent to a McDonalds.....which is good because I like the french flies there. Sorry....couldn't resist.
  16. I have no personal experience with cleaning quills but I see no reason why this should not help. I would clip the ends off, maybe run a pipe cleaner (or something similiar) through to clean out anything there, and then maybe putting them in a box or bag with the 20 mule team borax and salt for awhile to help dry them out. I used to work with a guy who has a cousin, who lives on the local Native American nation/reservation. She makes some of her jewelry with the quills. Maybe you can find someone to give you some help if there is a nation/reservation nearby. I know it sounds like a cliche' but why not offer to trade for the help? Hope this helps. Dave
  17. Finally got around to doing some half way decent shots of my tying area. There are 2 of the 6 drawer chests underneath eventhough you can only see part of 1. The partly visible chest of stack on drawers has 18 that can be divided up to 3 times each. And that's an old milk can on the left that I keep my rods in when they are not being used. The bookcase has 2 more shelves with magazine racks and a few books.
  18. I am not sure what the names of the websites are but there are some out there that might have what you are looking for. To get you started this late in the season, you might want to look at Eric Newman's Flyfishers Guide to NY. There is a small hatch chart there. In reading the write up of the river, seems like streamers and mynphs are a good start. Contact some of local shops in the area you are going to fish, they should be able to get you going in the right direction and even have a some local flies in stock. Hope this helps you out. Dave
  19. I have to wonder if she's friends with my sisters? I have found that cork prices usually depend on the size. And obviously, the larger the piece, the fewer in the package. Don't forget to check them out carefully for pits and to pick up some filler for them. I have used Hobbico's hobbylite filler with nice results. Picked it up from a hobby shop. If it dries out, you can even add some water, little by little, to get it back to working consistency. I usually use a small pyrex dish to mix it in with craft(popscile) sticks. Kind of fun, almost like making mud pies as a kid! Good luck and have fun!!
  20. Congratulations! The best advice I can offer is to try not to drink to much booze if any at all. This is to help keep your head clear because like tdyette said, it will all go by so fast. And do not forget to eat at the reception. It will give you two a chance to sit and breath. Besides, it's been paid for and you should enjoy it. And try not to panic and have fun! It'll all be over before you know it! Enjoy!!!!
  21. I know the PA people will speak up when they read this but I will suggest 2 books to look at/for. Flyfisher's guide to Penn. by Dave Wolf and I think it's Charlie Meck who did a book on the waters of PA. The Dave Wolf book looked pretty good so I bought it when the wife and I were looking at going to Hershey for a few days. Hope this helps. Good Luck!
  22. I was at Bass Pro Shops in Auburn one Saturday and saw them there. 3 preformed bodies to a pack, darker grey in reality. Thought I'd give them a shot. Only thing I had to lose was a couple of bucks. Thanks for the help.
  23. I have been laid up with the gout for a few days and have been doing some tying and using my new camera in an attempt to keep busy. I tried my hand at a mouse using Rainys foam body. My question is this: Are ears mandatory? Thanks for the help! Dave
  24. I thought I could add a short message to my mouse submission by editing in. I guess not since somehow I made the picture and link disappear. I stepped on my *&%$ and was wearing cleats at the time. I guess I should have just added message and question as a reply. My sincerest apologies and ask "Could someone please fix this. And I will not try that again."
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