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  1. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Teioneon: Foam Mouse
  2. I forgot to mention that one needs to trim tail end of foam to rounded point ending just over hook bend. Sorry if I forgot anything else. Went to a local pond Sunday morning and I started with a foam spider (check TFF "There's your sign") and tried this after not much luck. Had very good fortune with the change. Guess crickets can be lucky after all.
  3. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Teioneon: Foam cricket
  4. My lovely wife works in Accounts Receivable for a national company that deals in computer periphereals. Digital cameras, printers, etcetera. I drive a wheelchair van to get handicapped folks to various doctors appointments. Sometimes I get out of town trips and get to check out different shops and new waters.
  5. Very nice flies indeed!!! I stopped home during the day while working and found a wonderful little package waiting here for me. Several of my clients wondered what I was excited about and when I showed them they were quite impressed with all of them. Would love go out with them in the morning but it's still 90 here. Maybe in a few days. Great work everyone!!!!
  6. I agree, keep the rest and catch tons of fish with them. That is the only thing that makes sense.
  7. Teioneon

    The Excorcism

    It's one of the best feelings a person can have with their clothes on! Way to go!!
  8. Sent mine out today. Woman at the Post Office said should be there by Wednesday.
  9. On the Bob and Tom radio show, whenever there is a news article about hackers or a virus or worm, the staff generally agrees that if there were some swift public executions of these idiots that it would bring a pretty good stop to this crap. Too bad these jokers have nothing better to do with their time. Anyone have any idea what they are trying to prove? Trying for a bank or similiar sight I can understand trying to get into but why a flytying/fishing site? People get weirder by the minute.
  10. Teioneon

    The Outdoorsman?

    I would say yes to being an outdoorsperson. Whether it is genetics or not is another topic. I am from my moms first marriage and my siblings are from my dads first marriage. I used to swipe my dads old Herters catalogs and dream of which sleeping bag or tent to get. I also would scam the Gleasons catalog (a company from Mass. if I remember correctly) to look for stuff. We did some family camping trips with a pop up camper but when there's 4 kids and the 2 adults and 3 of the kids do not fully want to be there, then it is not all fun and games. Once the the others could get out of going then they stopped. They only go to fish with dad now so as to spend some time with him. I have always wanted to learn to hunt, fish, camp etcetera. My dad fishes and did some of the camping. He taught me a little of both and the rest I have picked up as I got older. It is kind of odd that he and I have more in common with our interests than he does with his own biological children. Mom has limited interest in camping or fishing but does go on occassion to wet a line. I am not sure where the interest comes from but it's always been there. My moms side of the family lived on farms in upstate NY and I spent a fair amount of time on some of them as a kid and did/do live in a fair sized city. I work 50-60 hours a week in a city transporting people in wheelchairs to various medical appointments and deal with a lot of different kinds of people. Some are great and then you get the ones who treat you like you are 5 years old. It is great to know that at weeks end (and sometimes after work for an hour or 2 or 3) I can get away and relax by a little fishing, or tying, or roasting a hot dog on a campfire (especially with the wife there) or even just watching a sunset and then listening to the river roll by to lull us to sleep. It's always good to get out and we always learn something. The wife's never really camped before but she's getting pretty good at it and looks forward to our trips. And she does like to fish but refuses to touch them or touch any bait used. I am trying to get her to learn to flyfish using the argument of no bait and it seems to make sense to her. Maybe this is the year for it. I would say yes to her being an outdoors person and it's by her choice. I think I will keep her. We both like the quiet and calm much more than the noise and insanity of the city streets. So we go out when we can and savor every moment.
  11. Am pretty well stocked for trout, so so on the panfish specials. Bass stuff is pretty good but really want to add some more for pike and pickerel. I have time set up just to tie for these upcoming adventures, so I think I will be fine overall. Yeah gas prices suck and will probably be prohibitive of some roadtrips. However, my truck is a 4 cylinder with about 25 mpg and it would not be the first time I ever slept in the bed or tented it , so it might balance out in the end.
  12. I think some materials for ants and/or beetles would be good also. Maybe some size 12 dryfly hooks also. Just a thought there. You are doing a very good thing!
  13. Oh what the heck.....I'm in. My first fish on a fly was a bluegill.
  14. Medical transportation. Not ambulance but with a van equipped to transport wheelchairs. I have also done some body removal as part of the job for the coroners office. When there's a good trip out of town, I try to check out the flyshops and local waters. A small perk that is more than welcome. Found more than one potential spot this way and met a few people who have told me about someplaces and good stories of the past.
  15. There is one thing that seems to be pretty constant here in the Syracuse area on the NY opening day and that is the weather is usually lousy. Cold tempatures and some sort of precipatation. The forecast I have seen so far has decent temps but rain is forecasted. Most people I know do not like to go out opening day. They prefer to let a week or so go by before heading out again. Most of these folks have been hitting the year round water during the winter and use the break to finish stocking their flyboxes. I have been thinking of taking some gear to work with me so if the mood strikes I can stop at a small stream or 2 on the way home. Or maybe on Saturday or Sunday for a bit, of course staying in and tying is not an entirely bad option either. I guess it's a hurry up and wait game to see what happens. Either way, it all comes out good. Most of us look forward to April 1st since it's good reminder that: "SPRING IS HERE!!!!!!"
  16. Thought I had an old copy of NY Sportsman with a map in it but no such luck. It's not the site I was thinking of but it does have what you are looking for. http://www.fishinghotspots.com It says they have over 500 maps. Hope this helps anyone looking for a map.
  17. The info I have is as follows. This lake is divided into 2 basins of similiar size. The south basin averages 11 ft deep with a maximum of of 19 ft. The bottom is generally soft and weedy. The north basin averages 25 feet and drops to a maximum of 75 ft and is rocky. NY publishes a free Fishing Chautauqua Lake Official map and Guide and there is supposed to be another brochure at local shops entitled Chautauqua Lake Hot Spots and should also be available through county visitors bureau. There is a company that makes maps of lakes and has a website. I remember it's located here in NY but am not sure of its name right now. Sorry. I will try to look for it in a bit. They had a pretty good list to choose from and Chautauqua might be among them.
  18. Teioneon

    thread rack

    I bought a wooden rack awhile ago at a fabric store, filled it up over time and picked up another. Almost time for a third!
  19. You can look at Fishing Western NY by Spider Rybaak. It has a bunch of info and even lists several access areas. If you can't find it, let me know and I can send you what I have via email. It sounds like a pretty nice place. Muskie, walleye, bass, perch, and crappie in more than 13,000 acres of surface area.
  20. No Tim Hortons here in Syracuse but there are quite a few Dunkin Donuts and 1 Krispy Kreme. About 5 Starbucks in the area. Finally went into one last weekend while on a trip downstate, I was not impressed by product but staff was very pleasant and fast. And a few smaller independent coffee shops. The nearest Hortons I know of is Rochester, just never had the chance to stop when I was in the area. I usually do DD's once or twice a week during work and by beans or grounds for use at home on weekends. I even take grounds for the percalator pot on camping trips. A little bit of indulgence for us. Have been hearing a bit about french presses lately and have thought about getting a small one to try it.
  21. One of the nicest pieces of news this week! Good luck and best wishes for a full, speedy recovery!
  22. I picked up a neat little fly recipe from a PBS show. http://kwsu.publictelevision.org/stations/...ringdarterb.jpg I have caught yellow perch, black crappie, and bluegill with it. The first time out with it, a pickerel even hit it but ended up biting my tippet.
  23. The recipe I have calls for a standard dry fly hook sizes 8 to 12. Lay a strip of your wire along the top of the shank and near the bend make 3 wraps up the shank, trim and secure it all with thread wraps. Wrap your chenille of choice, tie in the legs and build a tapered, double whipped head. The authors feel that by double whipping the head and no head cement the 'gills cannot detect the scent of it (the cement). The book is "Bluegills.........flyfishing and flies" by Roxanne and Terry Wilson. I might try chartruese somewhere in there and maybe even a yellow or white for clearer water. Hope this was of some help. Good luck and tight lines!
  24. Congratulations! Why not check with your local flyshop about renting some gear. Or maybe contacting some of the shops down there if you do not want to lug all the gear with you. I looked up the yellow pages online and saw about 10 places for fishing equipment. I would think that least one does rentals.
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