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  1. Very nice! I can use it this coming May upon the St Lawerence. And a few other places around here also. The pike and pickerel should love it!
  2. Are you refering to the kind used in killer caddis imitations? If so, online you can go to feathercraft.com. That's where I picked up mine.
  3. Teioneon

    Vest or Pack

    For my 40th the wife gave me the Fishpond Gore Tech vest. I have worn it quite a bit and like the mesh especially since I can break a sweat when other people work out. Plus being a not so petit flower, the straps for girth and height/length are a blessing for me. I have not filled all the pockets yet but am getting there. I also have an old army claymore landmine bag that will hold a few boxes, tippets, and few other small odds and ends for when I hit a small stream after work for an hour or 2. It just depends on my mood and what and where I am going fishing for.
  4. Since Feb. 1996. My ex had seen the episode of Northern Exposure where some of the women were tying and she said she wanted to try it. I knew the local shop had a class coming up so I signed us both up. I had always wanted to give it a try since I was about 13 but never really had the chance. We both had fun and learned alot. When the divorce came along the tying stuff came with me since she had lost interest. In Feb. 2004 my then fiance wanted to try it and only if I came along with her. The shop owner had no qualms and I even helped him a little with some of the class one night. She liked it but decided it's not really for her but she did ask if she go use the desk sometime and of course I told her whenever she wanted. She's supportive and has no problem when I go to tie for 3 hours or so with a small group from the local TU. She even bought me the materials for some flies when she learned about the donations to Casting for Recovery we were tying. She is even willing to do it again this year coming up. Maybe I can get her to do a few with me. If not, I'll keep her anyway! I will tie for warmwater as well as for trout, "I am not prejudice.....I will fish for almost anything!"
  5. Hi there! My real name is David (or Dave if one prefers). Moved to Syracuse about 12 years ago and my interest if flytying and flyfishing has taken off considerably with this move. I have fished for bluegills(first fish on a fly), bass, trout, yellow perch, and crappies. I have no preference, just being able to get out is good. My lovely wife Rachel(married 10/3/2004) is quite supportive of my 2 addictions and even took a beginners tying class to get an idea of what it's like. My fishing season is relatively short since I work 50 to 60 hours a week, but there are all kinds of waters within a short drive of here so you can go for whatever you like to catch. I have read a few posts here already and everyone so far seems pretty decent and I look forward to seeing more and even having some contributions.
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