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  1. my local shop is out they havent had them in stock for 4 months
  2. where does everyone get their 2-3mm flat eyes?
  3. The real reason i an wanting it is so that once i blend the bucktail colors (rubbing in between fingers) the ends are all over and i want to get them close to being even so i can trim them
  4. i am looking to buy a hair stacker for tying saltwater flies and i was wondering which ones i should consider and which ones arent that good
  5. Insane work.. whats it take to get one of them
  6. Whoops I didn't see the post about ordering being over until now, I sent paypal before so let me know how to proceed
  7. That could be part of my problem... i think i am using 3/0 thread on small hooks use 17/0 it works great I tie size 28 royal coachmans fully dressed to fish with if I used 3/0 thread I wouldn't have room for anything Ok thanks!!! where can i get the small threads? sorry i usually tie saltwater stuff and this is pretty much my first time working on hooks this small
  8. That could be part of my problem... i think i am using 3/0 thread
  9. Amazing work!! i am going to have to look up a pattern for this
  10. I need somewhere around 25+ of them, but 1 or 2 or a so even would be greatly appreciated so i can at least get an idea of how to make some of the patterns. I find the pictures and patterns helpful but nothing compares to having a fly in hand to compare my work to it to see how i can make it better
  11. I like to make pens in addition to tying flies so i am planning to make a pen with flies in it... The smallest i have tied so far is a #6 and that is way to big i need them to be size 20 so i am looking for tips on tying that small or any patterns that will work on hooks this small. with that being said if anyone has any old or bad ties on hooks in the 20-24 range let me know.
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