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  1. The WB looks much better. I would suggest to defuse your light source to make softer lighting for the shot. Also, for product shots, learn about GOBO will be beneficial.
  2. Unfortunately, I have yet to see one nearby, cheers.
  3. Welcome to the forum. Thanks for sharing the pix, they are very nice.
  4. That looks pretty nice and I've never tied one yet. I believe Mr. Beatty will be able to chime in. He's the expert for tying water walker.
  5. That sounds like an ERP system but cheaper, much cheaper. Does that come with inventory management section? Cool idea.
  6. Fortunately, there are plenty of fly shops in Colorado. I prefer to put my hands on them before I buy. However, for hard to get items will have to go online.
  7. I've just clean out some old materials that I haven't been using and reorganize my tying area. The categories I use now are as follows: 1) Dry fly hackle. 2) Feather (such as soft hackle, CDC, turkey quill, etc). 3) Fur (you'll need to divide this one out if you have lots of them.) 4) Dubbing. 5) Synthetic. Hope that helps.
  8. That's best advice. For size 20 or smaller, tread body is plenty, just keep the thread untwisted.
  9. JStockard is a reputable retailer. You can just e-mail them about it and I'm sure they will sort that out for you.
  10. Ivote for other as I use different threads. 8/0 and larger, I use UNI. 14/0 sheer thread and UNI Trico tread are what I use the most. I also, have some Danville threads but rarely use them.
  11. For storage, I use small and shallower plastic boxes and stack them. However, over time, I found them space consuming. The ones that is long enough for some materials ended up about 4-5 inches tall. I've just bought a wooden tool chest and it looks good too.
  12. I do remember reading a comment like that and I've heard about the same thing from my local fishermen. Although they are fun to tie, they are time consuming. Matt Matsushita, often uses only one wing for mayfly duns. For mayfly wings, I've been using medallion sheeting for a few years now and there's no need to go back to hair wing style, well, for now anyway. If you really want to tie split hair wings for small size, say 22 and 24, I used to tie small wing bundles in advance. Hope that helps.
  13. Does this help? http://stevenojai.tripod.com/hookchart.htm I've also been using my own system for years. Here is my post in another thread. http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?sho...48963&st=15
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