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  1. Lynyrd Skynyrd 1975 Syria Mosque ,Pittsburgh ,Pa.
  2. I'll keep making the 2 hr. drive every week or so to Penns Creek or the Little J.Been all over the Eastern U.S. flyfishing but theirs no place like home.
  3. Streamers are my go to flies this time of year.Cover a lot of water, stripping crosscurrent.One or two casts in the likely looking lies is all you need.If he's going to take it will usually be then.I like bigger sculpin patterns sz 2's 4's and 6's.Zoo Cougars,Wooly Sculpins,Buggers,etc.On heavier pocket water I'll switch to larger stonefly nymphs.
  4. Sold mine years ago and got the Regal with stainless jaws.Just like you said set it and go.
  5. Recently I came across a 1932 Granger Rod.The tip section has is about a 4" bow in it when laid on a flat surface.I think its from being in the trunk of a car for the last 6 months.Is it possible to straighten it back to original or am I wasting my time?
  6. Theirs a fly shop in Manteo called" On The Fly" if your looking for more info on flyfishing in the area.
  7. Glo Bug yarn in size micro.
  8. Can be used for nymphs,wets,spyder's as well as hackle tip wings such as the Adams.May want to consider investing in a partridge skin if you tie mostly nymphs and spyder's.
  9. Is that a Black Widow in the corner?What are the specs.
  10. Fran Betters.Had the pleasure of sitting with him for a couple hours a few years before his passing.He was tying his famous Ausable Wulff's.While he was tying he was talking about the river, the fish and flytying.What was so amazing was he tied over 4 dozen Wulff's while I watched and listened.Two years later I was tying commercially.
  11. Just got back from that area a week ago.Fished the Little River inside the park.Stop in at Little River Outfitters as Chugbug said.The shop is at the south entrance of the Great Smokey Mt. National Park.Most fish I caught were on Golden Stonefly nymphs,Yellow Humpies.Ausable Wulffs.Joe at Little River Outfitters also told me to have some Green Weenies,didn't try those though.Also got a few on Prince Nymphs.We mostly caught small wild rainbows,a few wild browns,and farther up river some native brookies.The park water is is where you need to go.Some of the most beautiful water you will ever fish.
  12. Kelly Galloup has about a half hour video on YouTube explaining everything you are asking.
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