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  1. Flytire ....that multi tool is now out of date
  2. I would love to interview him. His book Production Fly Tying was the one source that helped me start my fly tying workshop. That said I dont have his contact information so Im not sure its possible. AK would be a good one, for much the same reason you stated. I’d imagine Charlie or Pat Dorsey would have some intel on catching up with him.
  3. Kimo, I hate to assume...so I’ll guess you are doing a lot, if not all, of your camera work at that desk aswell ? I think I’d struggle to tie at that desk with all the lights and attachments around it, I’d be banging my hand into something constantly...one would need to be highly organized in their material layout prior to tying.
  4. Yep Armageddon, based on the latest forecasts, is currently approaching for a 4th year running ...2016 The wall of eye of Mathew passed right over us, since then a miss (wind & rain) and a storm surge of about 6 feet. Heading for the hills before they start evacuating Florida, Georgia and South Carolina coasts ...been there done that, prefer not to repeat.
  5. Well the obvious question is what weight rod will I need to throw that seal fly ?
  6. There’s some Bonefish in Simpson Bay lagoon on St Marteen. There’s also a lagoon on the outskirts of Philipsburg, which is where I guess you’ll dock, that has plenty of tarpon in it. You can also find snook off the the beaches of St Marteen.
  7. The force is strong with Capt. Bob ...thank you for your insights.
  8. Id also recommend Dick Browns books on Bonefish ...lots of information in Fly Fishing for Bonefish and more patterns and derivatives that you could hope for in his Bonefish Fly Patterrns. One more thing to be aware of, dragging the fly across the bottom will likely spook the fish. Learning to realize when a fish has seen your fly and letting it sit until you see the fish inhale then reacting with a strip strike, rod tip in water is a good way to fend off trout sets, and finally cast to the shadow side of the fish.
  9. Copper Johns anyplace ...now its a confidence issue, I just won’t tie one on.
  10. Sounds like a trip down there might be in my future, 2 years from now. Thanks for sharing your experience.
  11. From GinkandGasoline .. Look for feed marks When visibility is poor, it’s tough to even know if you’re on the right flat. Check the bottom for feed marks. These dark gray spots on the bottom are made when bonefish bury their heads in the sand chasing crabs. The darker the feed marks, the fresher they are, and their number tells you how many fish have been feeding. If the water is at all milky, fish are very close.
  12. Have you seen any signs of bonefish having fed in the areas you’ve been looking ? That’s the first thing I look for ...rent a kayak or paddle board and have a look around, you could even convince the wife to join you while covertly searching for areas bonefish visit. Early mornings or evenings along the beach’s are also good times to go for a walk with wife and drink or alone with rod and fly
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