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  1. no big deal at all, a nice set of flies. thanks again for hosting.
  2. yea i got one of mine back and also two of mybadhabits squirel. i assume this is because of the dropout, but if anyone was shorted just shoot me a pm and i will get em in the mail.
  3. flies got here today, nice mix thanks for hosting.
  4. ounds good to me for date. anyone know someone to invite for that last tyer we need to fill?
  5. mine arent here yet but i am lookin forward to seeing all the ties.
  6. filling up pretty quick this should be a fun one.
  7. 16 sounds good to me, high enough to get some variation but still low for new tiers.
  8. im thinking im gonna do a pheasant tail soft hackle in size 12.
  9. hey ty for adding me, i will be figuring out what i will tie and let you know soon.
  10. i would join a soft hackle swap, this is one technique i also need some practice with.
  11. alright glad to hear they finaly made it too you. thanks again for hosting. i will be watching for more swaps trying to im prove my skills.
  12. just curious any sign of my flies yet?
  13. no im in us, but close i live in northern michigan. but they should have been there or very soon i hope.. srry for the wait.
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