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  1. Unless you own or have access to a thickness planer, plywood is probably your only affordable option. If you can do your own planing, there is no limit to the materials you can choose.
  2. OK, this fly hasn't been seen much on the 'net or elsewhere, some of my friends have had some experience with it, and it has been dubbed the "DiscoBugger" by one of them. It's Disco yarn form Wal-Mart, tied with a marabou or rabbit fur tail in matching colors with the yarn. Wrap .010 lead wire on the shank, then tie in a tail of marabou or rabbit, then wrap the Disco yarn up the hook shank till full....I prefer olive, but it comes in several colors, so don't be afraid to experiment. Works very well on smallies, trout, and all sorts of panfish.
  3. I've had my DanVise for some 8-10 years, not sure exactly how long, but it's tied more flies than any vise I own, and that's about 6 or 8 or so....I've got some high-end vises that take a backseat to the DanVise in both utility and usability.
  4. Try some of the hobby or craft shops such as Hobby Lobby, Michael's or JoAnn's, for poly yarn in bulk skeins.
  5. I would not have bought the DanVise because (#1) it's ugly, (#2) it's plastic by large, but having won it in a raffle, I took it home and used it. I was amazed. No other vise I know is as versatile, as solid, and as dependable. There are better built vises, and vises that will maybe last longer ( I don't know about this one yet, my DanVise is about 8 or 10 years old now), but none that are remotely comparable on the cost scale.
  6. I have several vises, but not as many as Hans....*G* My favorites are as follows; #1, Danvise, #2, Regal, #3 MPV, #4 Griffin 2A. I could go on through a few more, but the Indian imports are way, way down on the list. My Danvise is 10+ years old and shows no wear whatsoever. I heard that they had some soft jaw problems early in production, but I've had no problems whatsoever with mine. My main gripe about the MPV is its hook-holding ability...severely lacking.
  7. Warning!!!! If you beg syringes from your friends, be sure to get new, unused ones....please....
  8. I've been privileged to see Bill Scherer tie his flies. He uses a square section ribbon of foam for a body, clear flexible plastic for a diving lip, and saddle hackle tied flat over the hook bend for a tail. The finished fly may be as much as 10-12" long, and will probably require at least an 8 wt to cast in the smaller sizes.
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