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  1. wow, all i got to say is, thats a GREAT looking fly!!! nice tie! :headbang:
  2. Biot Midge Hook: 18 Abdomen: Brown Biot Wing: Peacock ice dubbing Black Uni Thread. one rib of emerald flash around the thorax. This is one of my most productive flies on waters with a good midge hatch. It is a killer on the San Juan River in New Mexico, USA.
  3. Biot May - Bead Head/Epoxy Back Tail and Legs: Pheasant Tail Fibers Abdomen: Tan Biot Thorax: Dark Peacock Pearl Flash Epoxy Back wing case to help pearl flash fibers last through more fish.
  4. Jeff, there are several flies that I tie that work VERY well on the Juan. The one posted by flytire is one that would work as well. If you are interested I can tie some of my flies up for you, unless you are tier yourself.... either way, most midge patterns work up there. but the ones that work well are tied to specific specifications. DG
  5. Kodiak, that thing is sweet. lets see some pics of the new one when you can. Awsome..... yeah Im jealous.
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