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    Yes, I took Peddler's advise and got the Pentax Optio, but I one-upped him by getting the 4.0 mp version, the 43WR. It's awesome. Just be careful of where you get it. I did quite a lot of research on places to buy online before I made the purchase at Cabela's (got a 15% discount). I found many online retailers, but after checking out their ratings and making a few phone calls to them, it really put me off. You just don't know who to trust and when spending over $300 bucks, I wanted to be sure. If you call the number that is listed on the website and get someone who sounds like they're from an Asian country, keep looking. I called 5 different sites and the operators all sounded the same and ran the same lines of BS. I'd try to get it at a local camera store if possible, or maybe a national chain like Wolf or Ritz Camera...

    tube flies

    You can also easily flare the end of the tube by hitting it with an open flame. While on the subject, before I got my Renzetti Tube Fly Head, I used a "darning" needle that I bought at JoAnn's. Put the needle eye in the vise jaws and the taper of the needle holds the tube pretty snug...
  4. I just got back from there. I spent my time at Long Key State Park. Only saw 3 bonefish. Fishing was very difficult due to the winds and temps--tough visibility. Tried to get into Bahia Honda but they wouldn't let me leave the dog in the truck while I fished...
  5. I picked up one of each of those patterns from Kelly's shop in Montana last August. Tied up a bunch of the fatheads, just need to find time to duplicate the Swimmy Jimmy. Great streamers...

    Stuck Ferrules

    I put paraffin wax on my ferrules and have yet to have any stick. I actually have a rod that has the tip section stay on more snug after adding the wax. The one time I had a ferrule stick on me (prior to adding the wax), I used ice held close to the ferrule for a couple of minutes and that made the material retract enough for the rod to come apart.
  7. Never mind, just looked up the Optio 30 and it's a separate camera from what I was thinking it was...
  8. QUOTE (flymaster @ Dec 2 2004, 07:14 AM) anyone heard of a Pentax Optio 30 i just got one at kmart's day after thanksgiving sale for $150 with a free 128 mb card included. seems really nice so far haven't had it out fishing yet. my last dig. cam. went to heaven by means of the clinch river "stepped in a hole"! but oh well this one will be a fishing toying also, so you guys may see some fish pics if i catch any monsters like you guys catch! Is it the Pentax WR33? If so that's the 1st generation of the WR43 that I'm looking at getting. The only difference is the WR43 is a 4mp camera. If you got the WR33 you got a pretty awesome deal from what I've seen doing the research...
  9. Anyone have a RELIABLE online source for the Pentax cameras? I did some looking and most that are listed on epinions and resellerratings are shady to say the least. Should I just bite the bullet and pay the extra dough to get it somewhere like Ritz Camera???
  10. I'm Chris and I was pointed to this site by Jack (aka Peddler). I've also heard about this site from the guys on Mi-sportsman. Lots of good stuff on here. I've been tying for about 5 years, and have been fly fishing for about 7. I am on the staff of questoutdoors.net, and spend a lot of time fishing the northern Michigan streams. I also used to work at a fly shop, and enjoy instructing...
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